Fabulous Pro-Israel Rally-NY 2009 (video, pictures)

Part 1

In part 1- a woman was so angry she grabbed the  ‘pali’ flag from the Neturei Karta…they got it back…

Part 2

It was a fabulous day!!The crowd was so large the police had to keep getting
more barriers to try to get the spill-over crowd out of the street! We filled every corner and went North to 44th street.

Pictures posted here>>

See Atlas Shrugs for more >>

10 responses to “Fabulous Pro-Israel Rally-NY 2009 (video, pictures)

  1. Sue Burstein-Kahn

    This is terrific. Detroit is holding one – finally – no thanks to our “Jewish Organizations” that still haven’t signed on – on Thursday, at the Federal Bldg., in Detroit around 3;30 pm.

  2. Bravo! LA had a great rally to counter the HAMAS supporters today at the Israeli Consulate, and we are going to fill the streets today at the Federal Building in Westwood, CA at noon.
    Flags, Bullhorns, Signs, and blue and white and red welcome!
    Lets not be silent!

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  5. eve_anne_gelical

    http://www.protestjihad.com has a listing of marches in support of israel. you might want to go there and give him your info

  6. One thing I don’t understand the NKs and the other so-called “Jews” that support the Palistinians. Hamas, the Palis, Iran, and the other Islam-O-Fascists DENY the Holocaust. How can these “Jews” support and sympathize with Holocaust deniers?

    What am I missing here?

    • We have had it explained that this is an ‘excommunicated’ sect. Sad. They’ll be the first ‘in the ovens’. They stand with the enemy. Very sad.

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