NEWS FROM ISRAEL!What the media won’t report (January 5, 2009)



An associate of TSM has written:

“I just participated in a conference call with Minister Isaac Herzog of Israel (  He was substituting for Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was somewhat busy.

The call opened with a report by Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, who was speaking from the Israeli Defense Ministry.  Malcolm said that they were under rocket attack last night while meeting with the Mayors of Ashkelon and Sderot.  He said that the armed forces seem to have learned from the Lebanon debacle.  The surgical nature of the operation in Gaza is astounding.
( TSM: The problem ….THE MEDIA!)

Videos are being made available to the Media, but they don’t seem particularly interested. The soldiers’ morale is exceptionally high.  If any cease fire is negotiated, it must be enforced… but NOT by the UN.

The Security Council can’t be permitted to impose a resolution.  We must oppose any attempt to argue that the Israelis and Hamas are morally equivalent. (TSM: YES STOP THIS RIDICULOUS  moral equivalence crap!)
Hamas must be disabled from being able to continue attacking Israel.

  • There is no humanitarian crisis.
  • There is plenty of food and water for civilians in Gaza.
  • Hezbullah and the northern border are quiet.
Then, Minister Herzog came on. He said that the West Bank is silent. The PLA is doing a great job of making sure that there is no unrest there. (TSM: Wow…so it can be done!)We must make the distinction between the West Bank, which is beginning to prosper, and Gaza under Hamas.
Israel is being told by a variety of Arab governments that, although they can’t say it publicly, they want Israel to keep going against Hamas. ( TSM: WHERE IS THE MEDIA?!)

The operation is progressing exactly as planned.  The objective is a tranquil border. Israel has already moved into the areas where 80% of the rockets have been fired. One hour ago, a kindergarten in Ashdod was destroyed by rocket.  No children were there. (TSM: Israelis do NOT murder children: HAMAS DOES…but again…WHERE is the MEDIA? In bed with HAMAS!)
A large infantry force has moved into Gaza. It is an exceptionally complex operation.  The forces are well trained.  Hamas has set up trenches and defensive positions.  Israel has suffered 30 wounded, and 1 killed.
The Israel homefront is completely unified.

Hamas is operating from civilian areas, launching missiles from schools and mosques. Hamas leaders are hiding in schools, mosques and hospitals.  A perfect example of their tactics is the mosque in Jabaliyeh, which Israel bombed.  When the mosque was bombed, there were huge explosions.  There was no doubt that it was being used to store munitions.
Two high Iranian officials (Ali Larijani, chairman/speaker of the Iranian parliament, and Saeed Jalili, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council) are currently in Damascus, meeting with Khaled Mashal, leader of Hamas.

Israel is well aware of the demonstrations and threats to Jewish sites throughout the world, and we need to remain alert everywhere.
(TSM: HERE’S what WE can do as we go out on-the-street to COUNTER these Hate-Israel marches)
We need to:
  • Continually point to the contrasts between the good things that are happening on the West Bank, and the shambles in Gaza because of Hamas; and
  • Confront the Iranian led coalition of Hizbullah and Hamas.
There are many possibilities that are being discussed for how to deter Hamas, but he would not name them.
One of the participants mentioned the charge that Israel’s response was “disproportionate”. Herzog said that Israel would not apologize for developing shelters and other procedures for defending Israeli citizens – as opposed to Hamas, which exults in Palestinian deaths for PR purposes.
Someone asked why Israel waited so long to respond to Hamas’ provocations.  Herzog said that before Israel sends its sons and daughters into battle, it exhausts all other possibilities.

It is up to us to get the word out, and to counter Hamas’ lies that are magnified by the world’s media. (GET OUT THE FACTS!! IT’S UP TO US. WE MUST NO LONGER BE SILENT!!)

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