‘pali’ march – NYC (Jan 3, 2009)

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DAY FOUR: Free Free ‘Fakestinians’ Assault the streets of Manhattan. Today they were marching to the Israeli ‘mission’ (isn’t that cute). Not the Israeli Consulate.The Left continues to rewrite history. An outrage? You bet.

The hosts for the hate-fest: Al-Awda: Palestine Right to Return Coalition-NY; the Arab Muslim American Federation; MAS- Muslim American Society NY (Youth Center), National, Queens, NJ, Yonkers; GUPS – The General Union of Palestine Students; BAYAN-USA; Islamic Society of Bay Ridge; International Action Center; December 12 Movement; New York City Labor Against the War; Troops Out Now Coalition; Pakistan USA Freedom Forum; International League of Peoples Struggle; F.I.S.T.; and others…

A crowd of 3,000 maybe 4,000 filled their assigned pens on Broadway  but they also chose to spill on to the sidewalks. As always, the leftists do what they want by fiat because the police simply can’t rope them all in…so …as long as they aren’t rioting…they roam the streets with their offensive signs and flags. Little parades on the sidewalks and in the crosswalks: constantly.

However, WE….the Pro-Israel Patriots  are penned in…even those who were trying to pass out informational flyers with the FACTS, the TRUTH were penned in. Also, trying to take a picture of the Pro-Israel side AGAIN was complicated by the police stepping into the pictures. This happened to other photographers on our side. Not just to this photographer. The police are controlling US…Not them? Why?! Why no pictures?

The hate-Israel crowd is very confident. they own the streets. I was told to ‘get out of here’ and I was flipped off and cursed each time I said “Long Live Israel’. One of our group was shoved in the face because(as a woman of color) she had no right to support Israel.. There was a bit of fun at the N/W corner of 42nd  and 7th Ave. I caught  two of our Patriots staying on-the-streets with the wandering ‘fakestinians’…It was wonderful to see them hang close and tight with their Pro- ISRAEL message forced among their Hate-Israel messages.

Then the March. When it began there was a HUGE uproar (planned in my opinion for the photographers). The march began, turned onto 42nd street and a ‘pali’woman came screaming at the cops that the march was NOT to start yet. She was in charge and to STOP the march. Her people came and surrounded the officers in charge…then more officers came and surrounded her people and she kept demanding the march stop. Lots of yelling and confusion and  lots of pictures and film rolled taking in this situation…and of course…now the traffic was blocked. Finally…the cops said they were to move and the march continued.

42nd street was a long march. Traffic at each avenue had to be able to pass, so this very large crowd would go through intersections in groups. Five large groups I think passed through slowly at Sixth Avenue as they passed Bryant Park.. Turning at Third Avenue. Going uptown to 48th and then back down 2nd Avenue. When we arrived, a valiant few of our Pro-Israel patriots were at 2nd Ave and 42nd. It was great to see them. But, we are out-numbered. WHY?!

The ‘palis’ made a very BIG show for all of Manhattan to see….lots and lots of muslims….lots and lots of ‘fakestinian’ scarves…Is this our future? As Europe goes…What’s next for us. Be Afraid, America! They are planning to do this again NEXT Sunday…January 11.

We must stop this MADNESS.

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There are 7 short videos.

Part 1

Part 2

(Pro-Israel Supporters and cops doing their job…)

Part 3

(busloads of “palis” continue to arrive in Times Square )

Part 4

(the “palis” STOPPED the march!

Part 5

Part 5 and 6 look at how many “palis” were bussed into Manhattan

Part 6

Part 7

“palis’ finish march to  The Israeli Consulate (they think it’s cute to call it a ‘mission’)

New pictures in from Shulamis .

Slideshow here>>


Rally this Tuesday by Pro-Israel Supporters in Manhattan

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 12 30pm

Israeli Consulate, 42nd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues

Our sleeping giant awakens!!


New York, New York


Contact: Beth GIlinsky (212) 726-1124 actionalliance1@yahoo.com

New York, January 4, 2008 — The Jewish Action Alliance is calling on the leaders of all American Jewish organizations, and particularly Malcolm Hoenlein and the constituent groups of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, not to delay further in working together to call a major demonstration in support of Israel.

“As pro-Hamas and pro-jihadist activists organize hateful anti-Semitic rallies here in America and around the globe, it is incumbent upon Jewish leadership to stand together powerfully in solidarity with Israel in her defensive war against Palestinian Arab terrorism and Islamist threats calling for Israel’s destruction,” stated Action Alliance president Beth Gilinsky yesterday.

“Further, Jewish leaders must immediately and vigorously address the disturbing new phenomenon of Muslim Americans and their supporters using the public streets of America to threaten rape, torture and long-suffering death to Jewish bystanders, something never before seen in the history of America.  Where are the “Never Again!” Jewish leaders when dangerous circumstances demand their action?”

Gilinsky notes the following report posted this week by journalist Phyllis Chesler:.

“The war against Israel has gone global, not at the United Nations, (that’s old and terrible trouble), but at a new, grassroots level. The goon squad demonstrations against Israel that are taking place on every continent are not composed of peaceful demonstrators. The hate-Israel and hate-America protesters are essentially attackers on the march who are spoiling for a hot verbal and even hotter physical confrontation with their opponents. They mean to empty the streets of anyone with views that differ from their own.

“Now,,,grassroots “attack” groups, organized by mosques, Muslim student and civil rights groups and by their left-wing allies, are on the march. They curse, they scream, their faces are contorted by rage, they make hand gestures which approximate “shooting” and “throat cutting.” …

“And without shame, and with great pleasure, the protestors call Jews: pigs, apes, donkeys, vermin, and faggots. They hurl curses at their far more sedate opponents. They threaten to rape their opponent’s mothers and visit a slow and painful death upon their opponents’ wives and children. They shoot their arms out in a “Seig Heil” Hitler salute. “Nuke Israel” screamed one young woman in hijab, over and over again in Ft. Lauderdale. “F–k you Jew” was also a favorite chant.”



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12 30pm

Israeli Consulate, 42nd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues

Sponsored by: Fuel for Truth, UJA, AJC, ZOA, CJC-Amcha, Act for America, Jewish Action Alliance, National Council of Young Israel, AFSI, Mothers Against Terrorism, Students for Peace in the Middle East, Betar, Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future, Aish , Hasbara Fellowships, Northeast Queens JCC, Westchester Jewish Conference and more



Rally in support of the people of Israel

Tuesday January 6th at 12:30 pm at the Israeli Embassy

3514 International Dr. NW Washington DC.

Please help spread the word spread about this rally which is sponsored by an Interdenominational Group of Rabbis in the Greater Washington Area who would like to invite the Christian community to join with them.


8 years that Israel is being hit by rockets from Gaza

3 years since Israel gave up all of Gaza in hopes of peace

10,000 the number of rockets since the start

3,000 the number of rockets that were fired at Israel this year

15 is the number of seconds that Israelis have from when a rocket alarm goes off until they must get to a bomb shelter

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.On Dec. 27, Israel began “Operation Cast Lead” to stop Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza from continuing its years-long campaign of attacking Israeli civilians with thousands of rockets, missiles and mortars. Following are facts and figures to help journalists cover Israel’s defensive efforts in Gaza:

Iran-backed Hamas Rocket, Mortar Attacks and Nuclear Developments

9 responses to “‘pali’ march – NYC (Jan 3, 2009)

  1. This is an eye-opener. With roughly a million or so Jews living in the Greater NYC area, the fact that only a few pro-Israeli protesters showed up at this event speaks VERY poorly of the moral discernment (or the moral fiber) of US Jews. They vote for Obama and sit home in their warm homes/apartments and CEDE the streets to the enemy. Sorry: That is the truth.

    For the rest of us — American Gentiles — we are no better: As Pamela Geller (of Atlas Shrugs) points out, these pro-Palestinian protesters had the run of the street in NYC just seven years after NYC was hit on 9-11. How sickening!

    Time for non-Muslim Americans to WAKE UP!

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  4. Great job, reporting this madness. We have to confront this madness. People don’t get it that hamas targets innocents and Israel targets hamas terrorists who hide behind the skirts of women and children. We are fighting cowards and their indoctrinated enablers and the rules have to change. Jewish enablers are no better with their guilt and heightened sensitivity are only undermining their own survival . This is no time for understanding and “compassion” – the methods that cowards use to weaken their opponents. Jews and gentiles alike had better get off their “humanistic” duffs and stand up for the survival of Israel and the West.

  5. Even though it was Shabbat for many observant Jews, there should have been from the non-observant Jews and non-Jews who know what Islamic terrorism is all about to be there. Shame on those for not showing up. This has to be stopped, we all need to be strong for Israel the US’s truly #1 ally in the whole free world. Letter campaigns, disclosure of pro-terrorist donations, some sort of campaign to show the Justice Department that CAIR, the MSUs, the Arab-Defamation Leagues and many others are truly just a front for the jihadists.

    To those in NYC — have you forgotten Sept. 11th so soon? I’m in California and I lost three cousins. We can’t allow Islamic Nazis to control. Get Bloomberg out and get a person with a backbone in!!! Do not give the Senate seat to Kenneedy-Schlossberg. Support our freedom!!! Remember it was Haym Solomon who financed the Revolutionary War nearly in its entirety but died a pauper. We are HERE – Israel is HERE!!!!!

    We Won’t Go to the Gas Chambers AGAIN! NEVER FORGET — Nazis + Muslim Brotherhood = Axis

  6. Adolf Osama Wright

    The Jews in NYC are the same idiots who voted for perverts like Spizer, never got the wake-up call when 9/11 occurred, and voted in droves for the most Anti-Israel Presidential candidate in American History (remember Carter held back his true views). What also bothers me besides these lox and bagel dhimmis is the NYPD – after losing their brothers to the brethren of this manure, they should have cracked a full skulls. Shame on them too.

  7. God Bless Israel and the USA.

  8. Please let us know of perhaps a pro-Israel rally in Seattle. I am a Christian Zionist and i pray for Israel every morning.

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