Day 3 of the free ‘pali’s at NY Israeli Consulate

December 30, 2008. Outside the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan.

Day 3 of the ‘palis’ hatefest against Israel.

The ‘fakestinians’ were smug and rude (of course) Sadly, this was a day that saw a nationwide assault on our cities by every Leftist group that supports terrorism. Take note-this is BIG RED FLAG…the stealth jihad is here! It’s not just Israel that is threatened with annihilation. The Pelosi-Reid OBAMA nut-jobs are out for blood…it’s all blood-sport for the Lefties. Look at their evil SMILES… they are encouraged…way too encouraged…

We must EDUCATE the average American who remains unaware of how serious things have become. The young muslim males we watched and listened to are filled with anger. They’re in America, protected by our laws and our police and they HATE us. They definitely hate the Jews. And our police in New York are getting real testy. REAL nasty… there was a lot of bullying going on towards everyone without a press pass. Now, there was NO press pit. It was ALL public streets. But, the cops were harassing anyone who tried to get pictures. No pictures, keep moving. Don’t stop and take a picture. Don’t walk and take a picture. I was told more than once I was going to be arrested for pausing to take a picture. It was difficult to see any logic to that type of bullying. Were the police edgy because things are so heated…okay…maybe…but freedom of assembly…freedom of the press looked gravely endangered this evening.

BTW: Our HOSTS for the hate-Israel ‘fest‘:The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, Al-Awda AND
International Palestine Right to Return Coalition. Also, seen: The Green Party, Naturi Karta and a Free Mumia(?). Why not!

And THANK YOU. Stand With Israel!

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