(videos)‘Falling Down: Bombay’ A powerful rant by Delhi adman Suhel

‘Falling Down: Bombay’

A powerful rant by Delhi adman Suhel Seth, whom Taj staff texted not to return after the shooting started. He says (paraphrased), ‘We don’t have men, we have wimps running this country. You can’t have 20 people hold 1.1 billion for ransom.’ : Watch in five parts… Mumbai Terror Attack –  on TIMES NOW:

An observation from an associate:  “There are amazing moments in the worst of times.  In the initial attacks, most of the Indian police fled.  They had nothing to match the terrorists’ firepower. (TSM-disarm the public and the police and somehow, the loonatic Left thinks that will put an END to violence) As recorded on a security camera, at the train station, one officer decides not to retreat, grabs a bolt action rifle from a colleague, and engages a terrorist armed with an assault rifle.  Hope is built on the shoulders of such people.”

We could be the next Sitting Ducks…after all…BHO has big plans, remember? He’s gonna TALK to the terrorists… and…Wait! What abou t”Protecting the pre-existing individual right to possess and carry weapons (i.e., “keep and bear arms”) in case of confrontation…” Not if the Pelosi-Reid BLOOMBERG Idiots! continue disarming Armericans. We’re TOAST!

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