‘Prop 8: The musical”…see how ‘brave the gay marriage lobby ISN’T!

So…let’s get this ‘straight‘…Marc Shaiman (hypocrite) (see AP report here>>) makes a ‘daring’ video ripping Christians for exercising their rights as AMERICANS to vote as their conscience... free of intimidation and threats (oh…wait the THREATS are an IMPORTANT part of this story) cause the LESS-straight individuals in this EPIC feel that JESUS can be mocked and ridiculed because…(obviously) It’s the SAFE thing to do.

This Gay-Lobby has chosen to blacklist Christians, ruin Christians’ lives and/or businesses…threaten Christians and their families…because it’s a really, REALLY safe bet that these CHRISTIANS won’t stone them or behead them or HANG them for for choosing to be gay. Harass and intimidate Christians because they voted to keep marriage sacred between a man and a woman.

Now these obnoxious Leftards are having one MAJOR temper-tantrum by making a safe ( they think…DARING) video… ‘topical-humor’….Take a look if (you must) at some Hollywood Leftards in Action:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Where’s your cojones! MARCKIE-BOY…

Muslims are NEVER gonna support gay marriage

OR homosexual choices of any kind.

“See Mo Laugh. See Mo hang the Homos”


We wanna see how brave you really are:

Funny or DIE?

You have GOT to be kidding!

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