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William Ayers terrorist and ‘Friend of BHO’…we should care who is advisors are!!

From American Thinker: According to Rasmussen Reports public opinion polling, 50% of voters believe that the “Ayers issue” has hurt the McCain campaign. According to the report, 57% say it is not an important voting consideration. And finally, 59% of all voters believe Ayers will have hardly any or no influence over the policies of a potential Obama administration. These numbers particularly disturbing.

Ayers is on the board of the Miranda International Center think tank in Venezuela. The group calls Ayers “the leader of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist group . . . [who has] developed courses around the urban reform of schools, problems of capitalist education, and investigation.”

In a 2006 speech at the World Education Forum in Venezuela, Ayers said, “We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution . . . I look forward to seeing how he and all of you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education.”

Sol Stern observes that Ayers “still boasts about working full-time to bring down American capitalism . . . Ayers now works to indoctrinate America’s future teachers in the revolutionary cause, urging them to pass on the lessons to their public school students.” In the Ayers social justice model of teaching, “knowledge-based and politically neutral curriculum” is gone.

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Democrats for McCain and McCain Manhattan “On Broadway”!

From VigilantSquirrel Brigade : Times Square and McCain Manhattan and the Democrats for McCain did an awesome job of getting out the Vote McCain-Palin Spirit “On Broadway”!

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(Video)Obama: Lacking the Experience and Judgment to Lead

Thank you to the RJC for this comprehensive video… raising questions about the experience, record, judgment, and outlook of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama. COUNTRY FIRST. VOTE McCAIN-PALIN!

Fuhrer Obama Hitler Youth Nazis….Sing for Change (and they ain’t gonna like it…)

The Communist Chinese Children Sing of….what….Change?

Take a good look at our “Dear Leader” and weep….

Great photos- Looking at the Left and the “Festival of Obama” in Denver

Think she wears that t-shirt to school?

El Marko caught some pictures of the Demo-Opposition (ne the Vote for McCain Crowd)

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(video)Rising GOP star under attack. His service and possibly his Jewish heritage…

Josh Mandel (Ohio) his service (and possibly his Jewish heritage) is being used against him by his Democratic opponent…. “…his  Democratic opponent, Bob Belovich, is using his military service against Mandel-accusing him of fighting “George Bush’s War”. Belovich’s wife accuses Mandel of being AWOL: fighting instead of serving his constituents.  Mandel’s Jewish heritage has also been brought up by Belovich (captured on theYou Tube video below)”

Rising GOP star under attack

Ed Lasky

We have written about Ohio state representative Josh Mandel before at American Thinker He is a young GOP “star” who also served two tours of duty in Iraq as a US marine.

Now his service (and possibly his Jewish heritage) is being used against him by his Democratic opponent in this, Mandel’s latest tough battle. After winning his first election he was asked to voluntarily  return to Iraq to serve his nation. He chose to do so. Despite his tour in Iraq he was able to accomplish much as a state representative. His legislative accomplishment included leading the way in a successful fight to force Ohio’s multi-billion dollar pension funds to divest from companies doing energy-related business in Iran and Sudan.

We have journalist Joel Mowbray to thank for informing us about Mandel and now Joel is back with an update at Townhall about Mandel’s latest fight: this time not in Iraq but in his own district. (…) Mandel also faces a tough race because of the efforts of the Ohio Democratic Party to target him.

Joel Mowbray writes:
Ohio Democrats targeted him from the beginning, because at just 31 years old, he is seen as a top up-and-comer. Progressive Majority, a political action committee that focuses on local races, has made defeating Mr. Mandel a top priority. Then there’s the Obama effect. ACORN activists have blanketed the area, and every liberal group from to the Obama campaign is working to maximize Democratic turnout. (…) Read entire article here>>
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A reminder from Looking at the Left: what COMMUNITY ORGANIZER means for YOU….

“Community Pass ID” REQUIRED to see BHO: “But don’t dare mention photo ID for voting – that would make you a *#$@%ing racist.

Looking at The Left : “Hanging from the yellow strap you can see the bizarre “community credential” which everyone was required to have to gain entry. On planet earth this is called a ticket. Note the infamous upside down flag. This is a 4″ x 6″ hologram type vinyl card which says CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN on top, and on the bottom line it says “community credential” The hologram thingie, when tilted away from the viewer shows the flag upside down with a text box on the right; when tilted forward, towards you, all that’s visible is Obama’s head with the stars becoming his shirt, the flowing red and white stripes behind him and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN in the upper right corner. Quite a contraption. We had to drive 60 miles round trip from our home to pick these up. We had to show our drivers license/picture ID, after waiting in line just like at the DMV. But don’t dare mention photo ID for voting – that would make you a *#$@%ing racist. “

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