Obama-lama’s Campaign FINANCE Chair, PENNY PRITZKER….a KEY LEADER in the largest bank failure in the last 18 years, a member of one of America’s wealthiest families. CHICAGO and follow the MONEY…Her Philanthropic activities and Career highlights

* 1987 – founded Classic Residence by Hyatt, now the market leader[citation needed] in luxury living for older adults.
* 1991 – named as Chair of Superior Bank of Chicago. Pritzker stepped down in 1994, but remained on the board until the thrift’s collapse in July of 2001.
* 1991 – CEO of Pritzker Realty Group, overseeing all of the family’s non-hotel real estate investments. In this capacity she developed the Hyatt Center in downtown Chicago, the headquarters for Global Hyatt Corporation.
* 1998 – founded The Parking Spot, the fastest growing company in off-site airport parking management,[citation needed] with CEO Martin Nesbitt. She continues as chair.
* 2005 – became chair of TransUnion, a credit reporting agency.

Pritzker serves on the board of Global Hyatt Corporation. She was a board member and chair of the Governance Committee of the William Wrigley Jr. Co. from 1994 to 2005, a director of the Marmon Group from 2002 to 2008, and a director of LaSalle Bank Corporation, now a part of Bank of America, from 2004 to 2007.

With a net worth estimated at $2.8 billion, Pritzker ranked 135th on the 2007 Forbes list of richest Americans.

Pritzker is very much involved in the reform of Chicago’s public education system. Currently she is vice chair of the Chicago Public Education Fund, the successor organization to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. She is currently Chair of Classic Residence by Hyatt…. The HYATT!!… AH’JAD…DINNER WITH MURDEROUS TYRANTS. You think she didn’t KNOW!!!

From American Spectator>>

Which makes it all the more significant that Barack Obama has posted on his campaign website a naive and ignorant defense* of his campaign finance chair, Penny Pritzker, concerning her key leadership involvement in the largest bank failure in the 18 years between the last great banking crisis (the 1980s S&L debacle) and today’s even-more-massive banking crisis. The excuses, misdirections, and spin Senator Obama offers in defense of this billionaire failed bank executive are Pritzker spin from start to finish, and expose Obama’s profound inability to understand why banks fail and how to keep banks safe.

Seldom has the special access of the wealthy into the inner deliberations of a Presidential candidate been more clearly exposed by the candidate himself. Just as the press is “in the tank” for Obama, Obama is in the tank for Pritzker. And a man in the tank for Pritzker cannot keep our banks safe.

You might buy a used CAR from this man…

but AMERICA….this is Our COUNTRY…Our FUTURE.. We MUST STOP the LUNACY of thinking this EMPTY SUIT can be PRESIDENT of the United States of America!…it’s getting dicey…the FREE-WORLD is going down…Sharia Law by Sharia Law….Barack Hussein Obama is the man who thinks he can ‘CHAT’ with Ah’jad and he’ll ‘make nice’!(think about it…)

More observations from the great David Horowitz of this “Pretender”…this favorite Child of the ‘RICH and FAMOUS”….

The Debate’s Crucial Subtext: Reaction Shots

Call me strange but I think undecided and swing voters are more swayed by character than by issues. The issues voters are already committed. Watching the debat this evening I was struck by the inability of Obama to keep his cool when his positions were challenged by his opponent. During the second half of the debate he was rattled and lost his composure almost every time John McCain contested or contradicted what he said. Scowls, inappropriate smiles, shaking of the head, rude interruptions betrayed the inner roiling of the presidential aspirant’s emotions. It reminded me of Gore’s unhinged performance in the 2000 debates. None of the TV pundits I watched even mentioned this. But to my mind the crucial question the debate posed was this: Is this a man you would feel safe entrusting with the most powerful position on earth in the midst of the greatest challenges this nation has faced in a generation? That’s still the question that swing voters will answer and in my view will decide this question.



  1. You are such a idiot. You probably own guns and want to use them. You are the reason that we have lived under George Bush for the last eight years. We allow our youth to be killed in Iraq in the name of the NeoCons like Chaney, Wolferwitz, Lieberman, the Nazi Rumsfeld et al. Chaney’s Energy policy???

    Again, What an idiot you are.

  2. Dear Doan. Thanks for the Fan Mail!!

  3. It is sad because no matter how obsessed with hatred people have for president Bush, it is not worth it to sell America to some unknown person who comes along. And it is irresponsible when a political party are so desperate for power and money that they are willing to take such foolish political risk. Please check this man carefully. Why did he say that he is not willing to wear the American flag pin? Why is wearing American flag pin such a difficult thing to do? why? why? why? It is not a time for party loyalty. It is a time to go beyond party lines for the sake of America because Obama words, background, cult like phoenonmena and policies are enough for real worries.

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