Update-Oct 28, 2008-Islamo-Fascism Week III: “Stop the Jihad on Campus”

Wake Up America! We must Educate! And We Must NOT Be Silent!


Events Scheduled for this Week

Here is a list of events happening this week for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week III: Stop the Jihad on Campus.

Suny-Binghamton: October 28th

Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Susquehana Room
Time – 8:30 pm

University of Southern California: October 28th

Speaker – Andrew Bostom
“An Interactive Discussion on Antisemitism in Islam”
Event Co-Sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ZOA, and the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Location – Salvatori Computer Science Center, Room 101
Time – 7:00 pm

East Tennessee State University: October 29th

Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Is Islam a Religion of Peace?”
Location – Rogers-Stout Building, Room 118
Time – 7:30 pm

FrontPageMag “Stop The Jihad On Campus”

This fall, during the week of October 13-17, students on more than 100 campuses will hold events under the banner of “Stop the Jihad on Campus,” a campaign designed to make the university community aware of the support the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and other leftist groups provide for the jihadists’ hatred and agendas.

“Stop the Jihad on Campus” will seek to make the academic community aware of the stealth jihad in its midst and end university support for the hate agendas – against women, gays and Jews – which MSA-sponsored speakers have brought to campus…

Student leaders will be asked to press their student governments to defund their respective MSA chapters for sponsoring ethnic hatred and violating university rules and regulations. Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week will raise consciousness in campus communities across the nation as to the nature and presence of the jihad in their midst. Americans need to wake up to the threat that confronts them, before it is too late.”

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