Marian Edelman and the Children’s Defense Fund…working to indoctrinate (Oct. 17-19)

The Silent Majority noticed that Brad Pitt has assailed us all to do our part…help build new homes for the homeless (just like he’s doing) so “they” can “believe”…but believe in what? Then there’s Marian Edelman and her “antiquated Great Society-era politics” …she and her Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) …  working so diligently to create new Leftists from the under-privileged. And Planned Parenthood! They do her one better. They use government funds to murder the children leaving her no one to indoctrinate.

How odd for CDF to pronounce that racism et al are “more entrenched” now than 40 years ago. Was Martin Luther King then a complete failure?”

Stop The Madness! Take Back Our Schools. Stop Government Funding of ‘do-gooder’ programs that work to undermine and subvert America. Edelman and her CDF are coming-to-town… to indoctrinate- October 17-19. Protect the Children! Do NOT Be SILENT!

Sacrificing the Children By Mark Tooley

Marian Edelman Wright’s Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is organizing churches, synagogues and mosques once again this year for the annual “Children’s Sabbath” on October 17-19.

As the Welfare State’s chief prophetess, Wright infamously admitted years ago that Americans are supposedly not concerned about poor people, therefore “children” must be the declared objects of concern for CDF’s political demands. Naturally, the Religious Left hails Wright as though she were an Old Testament heroine, jousting not against the Philistines but against their perceived callous modern equivalent, the Republicans and other skeptics of Big Government as panacea. (…)Revealingly, the Children’s Sabbath never really talks about nurturing children in religious faith, or protecting unborn children, or providing children the security of two-parent families, or guarding children from the heightened risk of poverty, physical and sexual abuse, and reduced quality of education that illegitimacy and divorce precipitate. Nor does the Sabbath address the failed public schools to which poor children are often held hostage because private education is unavailable. Equipping children with virtues and the motivation for hard work, self-control and service to others also does not seem to rank high in the Children’s Sabbath. (…)Helpfully, the Children’s Sabbath lesson plan for grades 3-5 instructs children how to write letters to Congress to demand legislation. “A child I know had an ear infection and his parents couldn’t afford to go the doctor,” is one suggested example for letters writers pushing for socialized medicine.(…)The Children’s Sabbath lesson plan for high schoolers encourages the teenagers to discuss how “militarism” is hurting them(…) the CDF and its Religious Left cohorts in the Children’s Sabbath, with their vapid theology, reject transcendence in favor of cold materialism and the Welfare State’ coerced redistributionism…(God Save the Children PLEASE from) the CDF’s antiquated Great Society-era politics.”

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FYI-From the Children’s Defense Fund Promo on Children’s Sabbath:

“The National Observance of Children’s Sabbath Weekend is supported by Catholic Charities U.S.A., the Islamic Society of North America, the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., the National Assembly of Bahá’ís in the U.S., the Sikh Council on Religion and Education, the Union for Reform Judaism, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and more than 200 other religious organizations and denominations.”

Children’s Sabbath Promotional Resources

2008 Lesson Plans for the Children’s Sabbath (pdf format)

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