GOP Convention 2008- Sarah Palin…Go Team!

The Fabulous Sarah Palin and Company!! Atlas was there! She has a great report from last night (Sept 3) Go Here>>

And here’s the video of Palin’s fabulous speech!

For Text of Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Vice Presidential Nominee To Address the 2008 Republican National Convention Go Here>>

Text of all the speakers Go Here>>

Access to videos of all the speakers Go Here>>

And the Silent Majority Recommends a little ‘light reading’ from Yahoo/AP…(somebody’s just a little grumpy) The slanted Left report with its headline says it all, but the article!… is even more ridiculous!Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP conventiongo here>>

And Faustas Blog reports “Palin Winged it!” .The she sends us to Red State. Erik Erikson reports great stuff on broken tele-prompters!

“…Halfway through Sarah Palin’s speech tonight at the RNC, people following the speech noticed she was deviating from the prepared text…. Contrast this to Barack Obama who, when last his teleprompter malfunctioned, was left stuttering before a crowd unable to advance his speech until the problem was resolved.   Sarah Palin.   Winner.

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