Why Islam? The MTA Campaign is Coming to town….

Why Islam? Right…. Well check this out at Why Islam . And You Deserve to Know .These sites reveal more than just what they, the Muslims, want us to know about Islam… It’s what they DON’T want us to know.

Slavery? Read their revisionist history on slavery. Not only mastered by Muslims in Africa and Europe, but a practice continued in the 21st century.

Gender Issues? Apparently polygamy (which is illegal in the United States) is not a problem for Mulsim. After all…the laws that govern them are SHARIA Laws…and the American Courts are ‘looking the other way”! Why? Utah couldn’t become a State until the Mormons outlawed polygamy.

The PROPHET Jesus. So, why is it that Christians cannot be offended by this rejection of their faith? Muslims have a laundry list of “can’t says” and “can’t dos” and “don’t look here”…”don’t go theres”….but try to get the same respect for a Christian or a Jew…You will get the ‘Big Lie’ that Allah is the same G-d as the Jewish/Christian G’d so how can there be any offense?

This is THEIR promotional video with the Subway Imam: Siraj Wahhaj, imam of a Brooklyn mosque, but also “a known Islamic extremist…Wahhaj appeared on a list of 170 potential unindicted co-conspirators in the 1993 bombing case and…a character witness for convicted 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman.” Leader of the MTA Da’Wa campaign. Heads up . New York…

So now…we’ve got the Great and Powerful Michael Bloomberg, Wizard of—-(sorry) Mayor of the Five Burroughs permitting Da’wa on the New York Subways because “American’s NEED to know…what? Like …what IS that headscarf…thingy…” And, really…who else you gonna call buthttp://www.whyislam.org/877 ( OR you could try this gem: “How to wear Hijab” )

America, we have plenty of resources out there. Telling the TRUTH. Organizations like StopTheMadrassa.wordpress.com which was one of the first organizations to do serious research exposing the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) and the American TextBook Council. These Islamist textbooks have been stealthfully promoted as Fair and Balanced “History of Islam and the Western World”. But, America is No Longer Sleeping!! We are learning to “Just Say No!” to Da’wah. (And it’s about time!)

Go to site like StopTheMadrassa and read : A Citizens Guide to Islamist Curricula in our Public Schools Read about these offensive ‘history’ books. A propaganda offense that must no longer be accepted in our schools. And now organizations like  United American Committee is working with a coalition of other organizations (such as ACT!) to expose these textbooks further. We MUST take back our schools if we are to stop the lies. We must stop the rewriting of our history. Stop such outrages as “Your Children May Learn that Muslims Discovered America” and also at Stop The Madrassa read about The Imam and his History Books and how  Islamists define what your child learns. This is a site rich in research. And also check out : HistoryAlive!

Then there’s the BillBoard battles. Da’wa is everywhere: Islam vs Everyone else?

And take a look this! See what The Silent Majority saw peddling around Manhattan. Getting ready for the MTA Campaign maybe?

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