“No Division of Jerusalem” “No Palestinian Terror State” “No more support for the Islamic terrorists” “Silence is the sin”

The Silent Majority says “Be There!” Will you? Send pictures! This guy is going to have demonstrations at both the DNC and the RNC in support of an undivided Jerusalem. He’s also planning this in NYC!

In NYC on 9/21/08
Gather with ‘1000’ Shofar Blowers.
Our Message from G-d to the rest of the world: ‘Sounding the Alarm’; “No Division of Jerusalem”; “No Palestinian Terror State”; “No more support for the  Islamic terrorists”.September 21, 2008 at 10 AM at the UN.…to  send our messages to everyone wanting to do us harm that we are united in opposition to them.

The only reason Olmert and gang keep doing this insanity ,is the fault of the Jewish leadership and grassroots who have yet to speak out on all of it.

Our 44 rallies/protests in 20 cities and 200 media has been the only continual voice out there. 

We broke the ‘silence’ and have not given Olmert any quarter on these issues…  If ‘silence is the sin’ according to the Rebbe, then it has also urged the political stupidity to grow out of controlThe ‘peace at any price gang’ has blown it big time… the only hope for real peace is not to divide Israel or Jerusalem. We cannot negotiate. We are the real ‘peace’ movement, not the ‘war movement’.

…we are offering an opportunity to change the whole dynamic, by speaking out en masse in every community on every level we can. Join us in NYC on 9/21/08, the Sunday before Rosh Hashana.

“No Division of Jerusalem”…..”No Palestinian Terror State”……”No more support for the  Islamic terrorists”……

We are running out of time…don’t expect G-d to reward you for your silence….when the need is so great to speak out.

We are back in the 1930’s of denial, appeasement, sell out and disaster.

If everyone who cares about a united Jerusalem showed up, let alone to hear the sound from 1000 shofars, wouldn’t that be an immense statement heard round the world? Isn’t the best defense a good offense and what better way to praise G-d’s gifts to the Jewish people? “1000” Shofar Blowers…when our sound goes up at the UN at noon, it will be 7P.M. at the Western Wall, 6P.M. in Europe,etc.
Besides our efforts at the UN, we can also march to the Israeli Consulate, 5 blocks away ,to make our
Shofar statement there, too, and then back to the Plaza to continue our rally.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International


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