UK’s first ‘sharia-compliant’ credit card for Muslims

Islam in Action found something we should ALL find of interest : Heads up America!!!

Monday 11th August 2008 – 2:11pm

MasterCard launches UK’s first ‘sharia-compliant’ credit card for Muslims
The UK’s first sharia-compliant prepaid MasterCard was launched today in London – dubbed the “Islamic financial centre of Europe”.

The Cordoba Gold MasterCard does not charge or receive interest as this is in direct conflict with sharia Law.

The company also donates at least 10% of its profits to registered charities in the UK and abroad.


Ahmed Suleiman, CEO of Cordoba Financial Group, said: “Setting up a sharia financial company has been a great pleasure for us, although we have taken a David and Goliath approach.

“The trust we have garnered from our sharia advisers is something that money can’t buy, as is the trust we are going to engender with our customers.”

Nicholas Moy, chairman of the Cordoba Financial Group, added: “This is another product offered by London, which as you all know is the Islamic financial centre of Europe.”

He said that inshallah, or God willing, the company would be expanding into France and Germany “in due course.”

Be Afraid America… Be Very Afraid!

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