Allen West took time from his busy campaign for Congress in Florida to come to New York City to meet some friends and supporters at the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Club.

Allen is a real American hero due to a choice he made against all his own best interests to put the lives and safety of his men first. His actions resulted in the capture of insurgents and weapons and most likely saved the lives of several of his men. The Silent Majority offers this video so you can meet an American hero:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.682314&w=425&h=350&fv=]

4 responses to “Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST SPEAKS IN NYC 8-05-08

  1. D. Hearald Queeenr

    We can be the Spartans at Thermopolae, The French at Tours, the Poles and Viennese at at Vienna, the Venetians at Lepanto, or we can be the Byzantines at Constantinople. Col. West gets it. He deserves your support.

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  3. I am a US Marine Viet Nam veteran Purple Heart recipient, who is currently involved in my community.
    I am looking forward to supporting your canadacy to return and secure our American
    Heritage in our state and across the country.
    Ralph Fernandez

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