Iran Threatens To Shut Straits of Hormuz

The Silent Majority says tell “Those No War In Iran” Soros-Funded Lefties: Iran  is NOT Interested in Talking!!….Hello!

Someone PLEASE HELP those soc.commie/dem “No War With Iran” nut-jobs. Quick. Help them READ a newspaper (we know not the NY Slimes) Something…ANYTHING other than the “Socialist Worker”. They think A’Jahd is gonna ‘Dialogue’ with the World…. NOT!

Listen to them BABEL ON about dialogue in this CBS Report:

And here; enjoy The Gathering of Eagles and other American Patriots :

as they serenade the No War In Iran Commies (as they March out of Times Square) with “Bye-Bye Commies we LOVE to see you go!”

BTW– Their High expectations of THOUSANDS was a VERY low turnout of 200-300 hundred. Ooh-rah!

The Silent Majority observed while watching these Hate-America Leftists prance around whining for World Peace…(yadayadayada) Yep: Stuck-on-Stupid”. “If only WE would just TALK!”: This would be funny if it weren’t so very . very sad! These people are scary.

The Silent Majority would like to be a fly-on-the-wall when these Useful Idiots ‘dialogue’ with A’Jad. We’d like to be there cause… ‘The Man’…that Evil Dwarf… is not interested in TALKING!

Iran Threatens To Shut Straits of Hormuz


Staff Reporter of the Sun | August 4, 2008

WASHINGTON—Two days after a diplomatic deadline has passed for Iran to enter negotiations with the world’s great powers and end the reprocessing and enrichment of uranium, the chief of the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is threatening to close down one of the world’s most critical oil chokepoints, the Straits of Hormuz. (snip)

Meanwhile, at Washington, a spokesman for the State Department said that all five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany had agreed to begin drawing up new diplomatic penalties for Iran in light of the lapsed negotiations deadline of August 2.

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