“It’s often said that the September 11 attacks were a “wake-up call’ …

Fighting Terrorism at Home


Clfford May over at National Review mentioned a book today that’s sounds just like what we at The Silent Majority want to see on your summer reading list: “Willful Blindness” by Andrew C. McCarthy. (McCarthy takes readers back to the real beginning of the war on terror–not the atrocities of September 11, but the first bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993 when radical Islamists effectively declared war on the United States. From his perch as a government prosecutor of the blind sheik and other jihadists responsible for the bombing, McCarthy takes readers inside the twisted world of Islamic terror.)


May says “…. many people still do not recognize …that militant Islam may actually pose an existential threat to the United States… slumber persists…”. “ The fact that there has not been a catastrophic attack on American soil for nearly seven years…” TSM says, “Thank you, President Bush!”


The delusional Left continues to HOPE that America will somehow suffer a new catastrophe. The Left…those “anti-anti-terrorists”… need that just to get up in the morning. Why be happy with PEACE? The Truth be damned. The Facts… an intrusion. Their goals? Disarm the people. “Keep’em ignorant…but keep’em ‘happy’”


What lies ahead no one knows but you have to ‘know the bear is at the door so you don’t let him in!’ We must not allow the Left to destroy what generations of good Americans fought and died for: America…the freest society in history!


EDUCATION!! Learn the TRUTH!! Keep us Safe from More Terrorism.


Excerpts from :

Beyond Complacency

By Clifford D. May

The anti-anti-terrorists push for unilateral disarmament


It’s often said that the September 11 attacks were a “wake-up call’ — that they forced both the political class and the public to seriously (if belatedly) address a peril that for years had been minimized and marginalized. (con’t below)


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