A response from TSM to “Confessions of an Anti-War Democrat”

Lanny Davis…you got us thinking over here at The Silent Majority.

Because you asked some good questions today…and it’s great to see your affirmation that the ‘Surge is working”. We, too, remember with the fall of Bagdad another Iraqi woman plaintively declaring to the news camera: “ We are a damaged people!” (Saddam saw to that) To then to see those people…that womanwe all remember…so proudly voting…purple finger held high. Yes!

But, please don’t  forget, Lanny, the Iraqi Christians.  So far…they are not only forgotten they are one step away from disappearing from this PLANET. (So much for Global Harmony)

TSM stands firmly behind what has been required to make the Middle East and the World safe from Islamic-Terrorism. But…when speaking of asylum…welcoming anyone to our shores…PLEASE…the world has forgotten the Iraqi Christians. They are dying, Lanny. Who’s gonna hear that tree falling…when there is no one left to hear….

For more read Lanny’s article: Confessions of an Anti-War Democrat
Fox News | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excerpt: I think there are a lot of anti-war Democrats who, like me, are impressed by these facts and who now see a moral obligation, after all the carnage and destruction wrought by our military intervention, not just to pick up and leave without looking over our shoulders. Surely we owe the Iraqis who helped us, whose lives are in danger, immediate immigration rights to the U.S. Yet the shameful fact is that most are still not even close to having such rights.


And to learn more about the Iraqi Christians: http://www.iraqichristianrelief.org/index.html

One Iraqi Christian exile group estimates that perhaps only 10,000 Chaldaean Christians are left in their ancestral villages, compared to 130,000 20 years ago. There’s no independent confirmation of these numbers but the trend of Christians leaving their rural heartlands and heading for cities has been noted by many analysts. The exiles blame Kurds, locked in a nationalist struggle with Baghdad, and accuse them of pursuing a systematic policy of clearing Christians – who they regard as Arab and therefore potentially hostile.

And from wikipedia… The latest event to affect the Assyrian community is the war in Iraq; of the one million or more Iraqis reported by the United Nations to have fled, nearly forty percent (40%) are Assyrian, although Assyrians comprise only three to five percent of the Iraqi population.


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