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Protest “The MURDER of Leon Klinghoffer” : anti-Semitic Snuff Opera at the Met-NYC


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548 “The Met is asking audiences to ‘look for the humanity in the terrorists, asking people to accept them as ‘men of ideals,” “We cannot romanticize terrorists and idealize their evil executions.

The vicious anti-Semitic libels that are contained in the libretto, and the historical revisionism of the Israeli/Arab war of 1948 are extremely offensive and dangerous at any time,

but especially egregious today when terrorists are terrorizing and killing civilians world-wide.”

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Americans for a Safe Israel & JCC Lead the Demonstration

AFSI and JCC Watch, along with dozens of supporters, began the first of many demonstrations at the Metropolitan Opera protesting the 8 performances planned for the pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel opera THE DEATH (MURDER) OF KLINGHOFFER.

There were wheel chairs, signs, flags and flyers outside Lincoln Center Monday night, July 21.

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  There was media [NY 1, CBS radio and Russian TV (RT), Arutz Sheva and Shalom TV ]  filming and interviewing the demonstrators and later, other outlets picked up the story.

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John Adams’ opera is based on the 1985 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and the murder of disabled Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghoffer. (The hi-jacking was by the PLO under direction of Yasser Arafat)

The Coalition to STOP Klinghoffer will continue to demonstrate every Wednesday night through the summer, culminating in a huge demonstration on Gala night, Sept. 22.
If the opera actually is performed, demonstrations will take place every night of a performance on  Oct. 20, 29, Nov. 5, 8, 11.
The Met has said it does not plan to cancel the performance. HOWEVER, the Met did, in fact, cancel plans for a simulcast of the opera around the world, which had been scheduled for Nov. 15.  (John) Adams blasted the decision to cancel the simulcast, saying the opera “in no form condones or promotes violence, terrorism or anti-Semitism.”
“They take the issue of a horrible act of terrorism and there’s a rationalization – a kind of equivalence, moral equivalence,” Jacobsen said last month.

More from Helen Freedman of AFSI as to why they must educate the public about the rise of anti-Semitism that is behind this “Snuff” Opera:

While the war is raging in Gaza and Israel, we mourn with heavy hearts the terrible loss of our beloved Israeli brethren. We also note the increased anti-Semitism throughout Europe. France, Germany, Ireland, and even England report vicious anti-Jewish demonstrations.

There are also alarming things happening at home. Word has reached us of ADL hiring Islamist terrorist sympathizers as camp counselors, indoctrinating our young children against Israel and America. We also know that the White House is filled with Muslim sympathizers and activists. All of this is tunneling into America’s fabric in the most subtle, but dangerous ways. Just as the Israelis are being attacked through an incredible network of underground tunnels which were being built over the past decade, so is America in danger from the Muslim subterranean network being built around us.

A Side Note :

The NYS Commission on Human Rights might be interested in the Met’s violation of our rights with this opera. Their complaint line is: 212-306-7450.

Also, these protests might become moot issues if the unions working with the Met either strike or get locked out of the Opera House. July 31 is the decision day. We’ll keep you posted.

SLIDESHOW of a few pictures:


Part 1 Video:

July 21, 2014. Outside Metropolitan Opera Part 1. CBS Radio interview Richard Allen and Helen Freedman of AFSI during the demonstration against the Snuff Opera that avoids the obvious: Klinghoffer was MURDERED by Muslim Terrorists because he was Jewish. “Do we cry for Terrorists or their victims?” Zero Tolerance for Racist Anti-Semitism.

Part 2 Video

July 21, 2014. Outside Metropolitan Opera Part 2. RT media interviewed Helen Freedman of AFSI during the demonstration against the Snuff Opera that avoids the obvious: Klinghoffer was MURDERERD by Muslim Terrorists because he was Jewish. “Do we cry for Terrorists or their victims?” Zero Tolerance for Racist Anti-Semitism.

Heads up about another rally in support of Israel next Monday, July 28 –  NEW YORK STANDS WITH ISRAEL

Rally Monday, July 28th at 12:30 PM

CPAC 2014 (three days full) vids & pics

 I acknowledge this is a very late posting of my CPAC media from March. Guess I had to think about it for awhile. This was my sixth visit to CPAC, a costly adventure, particularly for three full days. Is it worth it? Is CPAC making a difference? Will I return for 2015? Mulling over this year and looking back at previous years, I’m not so sure…

(8 AM – March 6, 2014) While waiting to get my Media Pass…

IMG_0920…I met a fellow from North Dakota…

This was an eye-opener for me and should be for any “Greenies” out there: North Dakota is so Oil Rich that they have little unemployment and high wages. Google the State of North Dakota and its oil history. N.D. has had more than one Oil Boom and this current Boom is going gang-busters: One Billion Barrels of Crude to date.


Those who are against American independence, economically and socially, continue to resent and block access to our oil fields. N.D. the Poster Child for energy-led success makes the “Greenie”s  ill: It’s a sickeness

And this exchange was just the first day… the morning of CPAC 2014. I wanted it all to be so riveting. All three days. But….it really struggled to hold my attention.

Frank Gaffney’s event Uninvited event this year and the previous Geller/Spencer events (2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) have always been the high points of CPAC for me.

So, with tweaks and ‘improvements’ a-plenty, was 2014 better?  The powers behind CPAC,  Al Cardenas, Cleta Mitchell, Grover Norquist & Suhail Khan (and their tools ) run a tight-ship. They shut-out and shut-down critical input from within. Every year.

And criticism that exposes Norquist and Khan goes ignored every year, including 2014 . It is is verboten.

 Suhail Khan kept a low profile this year, but in 2012, moderated a panel on “Promoting Religious Freedom in U.S. and Abroad” …

In the video of the Q and A, after the Panelists prattled about being inclusive and open-minded, yet Khan revealed they were anything BUT open-minded.

VIDEO: Suhail Khan Warns People From Reading Robert Spencer

Obviously, from their perspective, CPAC is alive and well. Even though, quite inconsistent when it comes to policy.

From year to year, who is “in” seems to change according to insider whims. Yes, Atheists. No Atheists. Yes, GoProud . No, GoProud. Lots of flip-flopping,

Besides the Uninvited Panel from my previous post (The National Security Action Summit of 2014 ) there were others, as well, who were Uninvited by CPAC (again).

Gay Republicans (GoProud) & Atheists were OUT at CPAC 2014

The organization that opposed their participation this year was passing out literature in the Exhibit Hall. The flyer was President Reagan, a three-legged stool and… a very busy beaver. The opposition has always been there, but why after a few years participation is GoProud banished?

anti go proud

And in 2011, the same opposition group made this. I wonder at why opposing wasn’t acceptable over banishment

GoProud’s participation (and co-sponsorship)  in the past was permitted and in 2010, there was spirited debate from both sides.

They had a booth again in 2011. So why the banishment in 2014?

Seemed to be more opposing points of view allowed in 2011 (as the slideshow indicates as well)

The Atheists: I found at a table outside CPAC were friendly and willing to chat-up their position (a position I do not embrace)

Just like GoProud (in the past) they could have been inside CPAC. Not shy about defending their position as fellow Atheist-Conservatives, why avoid such debates ?  Unfortunately, those who run CPAC have become more close-minded, as though somehow they are protecting the ballot-box….

DAY One Slide Show

Noticeably, the Libertarians have suffered no such restrictions. They return, year after year, with a growing dominance of opinion over what has been promoted as a gathering of Conservative Opinion.  This year, more than previous years, many of the panels and speakers were noticeably Libertarian-heavy. So, perhaps CPAC should be re-branded.

Also, in spite of the Leftist narrative that claims Conservatives are racists, “people of color” were and are members of the CPAC community. There is no covert racism. The pictures I have posted in my slides shows will bear witness to the fact that they participate in all aspects of CPAC.


Once inside (Day 1) I headed for the Main Ball Room. These are a few of the moments I highlighted.

Hollywood Conservative/ Dinesh D’Souza and his new movie  – AWESOME

The Trailer

Then D’Souza spoke

Presidential candidates  are always a part of CPAC.  I was able to hear Gov. Rick Perry on Day 1

Gov. Rick Perry gave a fabulous speech and the crowd loved him!

Also, caught Lt.Col. (Ret) Oliver North  the Main Ballroom. He spoke  to an enthusiastic crowd.

Afterwards at North’s Book Signing in the Exhibit Hall, when we all went to enthusiastically take some closer pictures of Ollie …. there was a strange “only could happen at CPAC” moment… “NO PICTURES ALLOWED”! 

The CPAC “Photog-Patrol” Babes ordered the photographers to NOT point our cameras in North’s direction. To Put Our Cameras DOWN!  Weird and Outrageous.

Suhail Khan BTW- pulled the same no photographers stunt in 2012 (from a previous TSM post)

BLOGGERS BASH  (2012) Finished up the day at this year’s Blog Bash at 6:30 PM. We were bussed to Microsoft’s state-of-the-art Innovation and Policy Center on K street… where Suhail Khan was greeting us as we exited the elevators and there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED! Go figure. You get a bunch of bloggers together for a party and we’re told we can’t take any pictures. (very odd behavior CPAC)”

Next, the afternoon, side-panels. ALL side-panels were from 3:30 to 5 pm. Each Day. Topics like Finance. Health care. Rocky mountain high. But, you could only chose one. At the end of three days, you only got 3 side-panels. In the past, these panels met all day.  Missed out on some interesting panels with such time restrictions .

Day One, I chose the  IMMIGRATION Panel and it was a ‘miss’. More like a lecture. Condescended to us on how to get the Hispanic Vote. I didn’t bother filming it, but did find a link at Free Republic

Take a good look at their PRIORITY SEATING (cash cow), Very often (too often) through-out the three days of CPAC these seats were very EMPTY.


Started Day Two with a panel in the Main Ball Room  on Government,cellphones, emails, privacy. They asked, “Is Edward Snowden a Traitor or Patriot.” Very interesting debate (with some edits)

Day Two Slideshow

Before Rand Paul,  we got Al Cardenas, Chairman of the ACU. He, like CPAC’s Cleta Mitchell,  refuses to read and accept the very reputable expose on the Muslim Brotherhood association of Grover Norquist  and Suhail Khan. [ the Gaffney Univited Panel has more info.] Cardenas gave a predictable speech.

Senator Rand Paul (like Gov. Perry) was a Rock-Star. The crowd roared with approval.

Not sure what to make of Rand Paul when it comes to israel. A recent article from Caroline Glick (post-CPAC) considers that he is more pro-Israel than his father. With a food-for-thought dissent from Pamela Geller

Day Two Panels after the Main Ball room

I had stepped in to catch Scooter Libby  (I thought) on a panel with a  long title:  ” The Big Alternative Ideas Conservatives Should Present as Obama’s Term Ends” Libby was not there as announced. Replaced by Carly Fiorina. (No idea why. Hurrying to these panels was complicated by not knowing where you were going. I went to the wrong area so I missed I missed the opening remarks)

Two of the speakers on this panel:

Carly Fiorina

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

I missed Allen West’s speech ,that he gave at at an “Honoring America’s Military Heroes” reception organized by Citizens United, because of the scheduling. As I exited the “Scooter Libby” panel I saw that Allen was right across the corridor, so I managed to catch Allen’s closing statement. A really good one:

 Salon posted this snarky report (of course).

Speaking of  ‘snark”,  Anarchists like Adam Kokesh, roam CPAC as a reporter. He’s always so CHEERY as he works to deconstruct America.


March 8th,  began with Michelle Bachman.

I heard she wasn’t given a time-slot, so Tea Party Patriot Founder, Jenny Beth Martin, gave Bachman some of her time-slot.

As I was leaving, the next speaker caught my ear. I missed his first remarks but, I was impressed by his very inspirational speech, so I stayed. The Honorable Dan Hannan, a Member of the European Parliament, Alliance of European Conservatives & Reformists.

He was followed by a panel that Grover Norquist moderated called “After Wisconsin and Beyond Right-To-Work Laws, what’s possible bow to Free Workers and Students from Unionism”. This is the introduction from Norquist.

Day 3 slideshow

Made a final sweep through the Exhibit Hall, which I always find interesting.

Slide Show of just the  EXHIBIT HALL:

Finally, I returned for Dr. Ben Carson. By now I was packed to leave for the Amtrak back to Manhattan so I didn’t have my camera working for Dr. Carson. Too bad as he was great. And, unfortunately, Sarah (Palin) was speaking way too late (5 PM). So I missed her fabulous closing speech. Had to catch that late-afternoon train.

Can’t say I left CPAC 2014  feeling inspired or encouraged.  Our side is at serious odds with itself. Those in control seem rigid. Doubts and disagreements loom. It gets worse each year. While the Left is Cock-Sure, focused and determined… Evil always is …

Yet, there are so many good people in the Republican/Tea Party/Conservative Movement; Patriots who will surely Fight to the Death for our Liberties.

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin. God Bless America.



The Usual Commie B.S. In Times Square ( pics & video)

While the people of Ukraine yearn to be free of Totalitarian/Marxist/Fascist Governments, our local Marxist Ignorati marched in Manhattan against Freedom. Period.

Against the Freedom of and for the Individual.

The Collective Rules.

Marching in front of the Times Square Recruitment Station.  They proclaim their LOOOVE for Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-un, Putin…

They abhor the EVIL “American Military Industrial Complex.”

Supported and encouraged by our colleges and media. (…. and our current President….) they multiply without end….decade after decade.

Round and round they go, with the same tired Marxist slogans…

Loons of the Far Left ….

On-the-fringe of society?

God, I hope so….

9/11 AFDI Press Conference “Vigilance @ Ground Zero” (vids/pics)


September 11, 2013 Ground Zero. New York City. 1 PM.

“The victims of the largest and bloodiest jihadi attack on the homeland in U.S. history had a voice today.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative held a press conference at Ground Zero, on the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 jihad terror attacks, despite the fact that the NYPD refused repeated requests for a permit.

The press conference was hosted by AFDI’s (American Freedom Defense Initiative) Executive Pamela Geller and Associate Director Robert Spencer.

A joint press conference and memorial service at Ground Zero held by AFDI, a human rights organization, a group of 9/11 family members, and noted human rights activists.

A large crowd of several hundred gathered as an all-star roster of patriots spoke and moved the crowd to action over the scandal of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which glorifies the terrorists and trivializes the victims (by charging) an admission fee to view the remains of the unidentified victims which are to be dishonorably housed seven feet below ground.

Joining Geller and Spencer as featured speakers were 9/11 family member Nelly Braginsky, 9/11 first responder Alan T. DeVona and Coptic Christian human rights activist, Ashraf Ramelah

(videos can be watched in HD for best quality)

Part 1-VIDEO-Pamela Geller, Executive Director of AFDI

Part 2-VIDEO-Robert Spencer, Assoc. Director of AFDI, took up the theme of “the denial of the reality of jihad and showed its human cost, exposing how the FBI dropped all mention of Islam and jihad from training materials, leading to the FBI’s disastrous disregard of intel from Russia that could have headed off the Boston Marathon jihad bombing.”

Part 3- VIDEO-First Responder, Alan T DeVona, “a Port Authority Police Sergeant on duty, September 11, 2001. De Vona spoke with smoldering and impassioned eloquence about the obfuscation and denial regarding what really happened on that day.”

Part 4-VIDEO-Pamela Geller introduces Nelly Braginsky, a 9/11 family member, “whose only son Alec was murdered in the Towers on 9/11, spoke about how the 9/11 Museum has been hijacked by politically correct Leftists who are anxious to cover up the jihadist nature of the attack and denigrate American patriotism and have made the Museum into an insult to Americans rather than a memorial.”

Relating to the video: Correction re 9/11 victims families being  charged an admission fee to the 9/11 museum. The museum’s website says victims’ families will not be charged a fee.

Part 5-VIDEO-Ashraf Ramelah, of Voice of the Copts, is a Coptic Christian Human Rights Activist. ” He explained with vivid intensity about what is in store for non-Muslims in America if we continue on this path of accommodation and appeasement, showing that what is happening to the Copts in Egypt is what is coming to the U.S.”

Part 6-VIDEO-Pamela Geller Closing Remarks It was a solemn but triumphant day. “We are unbowed, we are resolute, and we are determined. We will never give up, and never give in. Freedom will prevail.”


Slide Show of a few pictures


More info from reporter Jack Kemp, “What He Saw at Ground Zero”, on the press conference can be found at Atlas Shrugs 


Pamela Geller’s Banned Synagogue Speech & Protest Habeeb Ahmed – Great Neck, Long Island (videos)

On April 14, 2013, a week ago today, Pamela Geller’s Right-to-Free Speech was alive and well at Chabad House and led by  Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky in Great Neck, Long Island.


This was one day before the SAVAGE, murderous attack by two Jihadis against American citizens. An attack that was meant to maim and to kill PEOPLE, not soldiers, not combatants … just… PEOPLE.

APTOPIX Boston Marathon-Explosions

The Jihadis were, they are, SAVAGES

israel-620x217 crop

israel-620x217 crop 2

After an intense week that followed these SAVAGE attacks, and not knowing if the Jihadis would be captured, the Great Neck speeches have become even more prescient.  Listening to Pamela Geller at Chabad House warn of the threat of Sharia Law to our Free Speech and then to Robert Spencer and their other guests tell of the world-wide threat and horrors of living under Sharia while outside Habeeb Ahmed’s “Human Rights” Office , has made the week’s enormous tragedy even more ominous and chilling.

Habeebgate, the alleged attempt by the Islamic supremacist Habeeb Ahmed of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission to use the power of his position deploy his mujahideen in a covert effort to intimidate the Great Neck synagogue into cancelling my scheduled speech there.


Habeeb and his accomplices ordered their minions to strongarm the shul, make calls, and get the synagogue leaders to cancel a proud Jew scheduled to speak at their synagogue. (more here)

As a result of this egregious violation of the public trust, we urge the Nassau County Executive to remove this thug from office.

We welcome this investigation and hope the imposition of sharia blasphemy laws using public office will be punished to the full extent of the law. American law for American courts. Stop sharia in America.

ONE DAY before so many were killed and maimed by these vile Jihadis, Geller and Spencer were warning freedom-lovers of what lies ahead after being accused of hate-speech by some who fear the truth. TRUTH should never be called HATE SPEECH.

Jihad is at war with freedom-loving Americans, with the INFIDELS. And the ‘enemedia’ continues to ignore the glaringly obvious facts of who did the Boston Marathon Bombing. And WHY.  While the MSM continues the false narrative that Islam is not at war with the West and spins on-and-on with foolish guessing.

From Ms Geller, ”

The media scrubbing of the motive in the Jihadi attack in Boston is breathtaking. Mothers, babies, families blown to bits — 200 victims. When did the “enemedia” lose their souls? When did precious human life become an inconvenient consequence to their narrative?

A quote from face book regarding the WHO, WHAT and WHY.

“This is typical Middle Eastern cognitive dysfunction. It is a culture of dishonesty. And yes, I consider Georgia, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Turkey to be part of the Middle East.”

As expected, there were Jihadi families and ACLU-types trolling for proof-of-innocence for the surviving Jihadi. Disgusting. Disturbing. Predictable.

Two Savages. ARMED with bombs. Prepared to kill Americans. They were NOT finished. And  we know WHY


Evil advised them. Taught them. Skilled. Determined to “Kill The Infidel”.


Will the FBI uncover the sleeper cell with whom these brothers were associated?

“We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone:” FBI hunting 12-member jihad terror sleeper cell linked to Boston jihad murderers”


More than 1,000 FBI operatives are working on this. They need 10,000 of these politically correct, defanged Keystone Kops, and even then they probably won’t find this cell. They are forbidden to examine the motives and goals of the type of people they’re looking for — to do so would be “Islamophobic,” according to the Obama Administration. So they’re fumbling along in the dark, pretending that there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist while hunting for Islamic terrorists.


Are we victims of this terror? Have we become immobilized as a country? As a people? (CAIR would like this very much) Or…will we REFUSE to be terrorized. Some final thoughts from Daniel Greenfield:

“2 out of 3 governments agree that dealing with terrorism is all about having the right attitude. That, “Yes, we’ve been bombed, but we’re ready to pick ourselves up and get on with our lives without drawing any conclusions from what happened” attitude that politicians patriotically advocate as soon as the carnage is over.

“Americans refuse to be terrorized. Ultimately, that’s what we’ll remember from this week,” Obama said in his radio address.

But of course Americans were terrorized. Obama’s message is that in response to the terrorism, Bostonians won’t spend the rest of their lives locked in their homes, at least not until the next time there’s a terrorist on the loose. But then again neither are Rwandans or Sudanese. This isn’t so much an inspirational message as a pat on the back from a government that once again failed in its duty to keep Americans from being terrorized.

If America had refused to be terrorized, the Tsarnaevs would not have been admitted to this country or would have been shown the door once they started adding terrorist videos to their playlist. Instead Tamerlan Tsarnaev was free to slap around his girlfriend while his brother Dzhokhar was adding classic hits to his YouTube playlist like “We Will Dedicate Our Lives to the Jihad.”

For up-to-date reportage on the pursuit of JUSTICE for all the innocent CIVILIANS murdered by these SAVAGE  Jihadis, please read  Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.


Next, videos and pictures from Chabad House. Great Neck, Long Island. The Day Before the Savage Attack on Boston. April 14, 2013.

(videos can be watched in HD)

Video 1- Pamela Geller speaks to News 12 outside Chabad House

Video 2 – Pamela Geller & her Banned Synagogue Speech

Video 3- David Yerushalmi speaks before Pamela Geller’s Banned Synagogue Speech

Video 4- Jeffrey Wiesenfeld introduces Greg Buckley Sr, father of  21 years old Green on Blue Marine,Greg Buckley Jr. who was murdered by a Jihadi T-Boy .

Video 5- The father of a murdered marine, Greg Buckley Jr, speaks to Chabad House. Powerful speech


Slide show of pictures at Chabad House. Rabbi Geisinsky and Chabad House were wonderful and brave hosts in DEFENSE of Free Speech


And videos and pictures from the  “Habeeb Ahmed Protest” that followed Chabad House.

Video 1- Robert Spencer

Video 2- Ashraf Ramallah (Voice of Copts)

Video 3- Helen Freedman(Americans For a Safe Israel)

Video 4- Pamela Geller


Slide Show of pictures

April 22, 2013: It has been decided. The Obama Administration proceeds as expected. The surviving terrorist “suspect”, 19 years old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  will NOT be tried as an enemy combatant



NY-ICE-“Comin Out of the Shadows”-Union Sq

Thursday. March 28, 2013. NYC. Union Square. The D.R.E.A.M.  Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) “Coming Out Of The Shadows”

Out From Shadows cropped

Solidarity. Love. Hate. Fear. The Collective. Buzz-words of the “Progs”. Leftists. Marxists. Socialists. They are welcomed  by our colleges and schools to empower the ‘undocumented’ students…. “VICTIMS” of the 1%…. of Wall-Street.



Anger. Hatred. Resentment. They are taught that the American Dream is NOT available for THEM (the Tired and Poor). Paid for by the American taxpayer the Leftists preach on and on. Disparaging  EVIL corporate America. Abusing and using them. Told there is No Open Door to America ( for them). They must sneak in. Hide. Fear.

One of their all-purpose chants, “What we do? Stand Up. Fight Back.”

Against whom?  The American Businessman who “abuses” them by giving them a JOB? The American Taxpayer? Leading this fight against American ‘Evil’ is (Party For Socialism and Liberation) and WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend)

The event today was led by The “New York Youth Initiative Council”.

Our schools are held hostage by the Left, those leading this Union Square gathering (Common Core is the latest abuse) and WE, the taxpayer are PAYING for their INDOCTRINATION.


The banner below proclaimed, “UNDOCUMENTED WOMYN POWER ”

But, NYC is a Sanctuary City and Mayor Bloomberg  thinks that’s a good-thing. Anyone who shows up in NYC can get FREE lodging, free food, free schooling. The doors are WIDE open, NOT CLOSED.

New York City was the poster child for sanctuary cities when executive order 124 was issued in 1989 by Mayor Edward Koch.


A small gathering was ‘coming out’ in Union Square. Quiet. No bands. One megaphone. A ‘so-called” public admission of being “undocumented”. “Coming out of the Shadows”. The media loves to cover these ‘victims’. Victims of U.S. Immigration Laws. Preaching to their own about their Feelings … Pain… Hopes… FEARS and… DREAMS.

OPEN Borders: Good.

LEGAL documents & Secure Borders : BAD.

Apparently the police have blessed this gathering by their absence. A police presence might  “frighten” the speakers. Make them FEARFUL of “coming out of those shadows”. (How thoughtful)

NO police in Union Sq. this Thursday from 2:30- 5 PM.  And her message of thanks to the NYPD is inside the megaphone, “Stop the F@#king Raids” and “Chinga la Migra” (F@#k The Police) and, of course “UNDOCUMENTED”

Before I headed over to the NY-ICE counter-protest, I caught a few of the D.R.E.A.M. speakers.  What follows are some “highlights” from Video One (please scroll down for the video) which was only young women, full of anti-American, anti-Free-Market jargon, demanding amnesty for all, but looking safe and non-threatening.

A High School Student  from Ecuador , “My brother was deported because he was driving with out a DL in Florida. We needed him to drive us for food and to school…”

“Summer” from the NYU “Dream TEAM”. “We wanted to create a Safe-Space for ‘undocumented youths.” (THEY can afford NYU?!)

Dominique from Ecuador. This young woman oozed “Marxist/activist” . She ran off a LONG list of their college connections. “A safe-space for students to COME OUT …. to share stories  about being ‘undocumented’. Hiding your identity is hurtful for young and old. They have the RIGHT to share and advocate for right”

Another young woman spoke of how she had to…

“DEMAND her ‘RIGHT’ to go to college.( Even though she couldn’t afford the tuition …. and…was … illegally in the U.S….) She was told that in NY State she can attend college and she FOUND someone who was willing to pay her tuition. She was in to every one is BEAUTIFUL. Hate/Love/SOLIDARITY/ COLLECTIVE. HUMAN RIGHTS BEAUTIFUL Coming OUT OF SHADOWS OUR Common Humanity. Our stories Our struggles. Undocumented no longer silence. We are building this country. Cleaning streets and homes. we are sharing intimate space with every single person in this country so it’s important that we all rise and ‘come out from the shadows’ and share our human experiences”

From a very militant young woman who represented WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend),

“They’ve done nothing wrong. Immigration is NOT a Crime.  Who are the real criminals? The people on Wall-Street. They exploit our people. The Bankers. Worried about their profits.Sweat-shops all over Latin America. Those are the REAL criminals. The POLICE. Who brutalize our kids. Our students.”

She asked AGAIN,

“Who are the real criminals in our society. Is it the people who are WORKING to provide for their families? OR is it the Banks and  Corporations who are EXPLOITING them. “

With her Solidarity MARXIST fist held high,

” We take FULL rights for our immigrants. FULL RIGHTS for our people. We stand in SOLIDARITY with the DREAMERS .” (arrgggh)

VIDEO ONE (the young women)

I did hear one male, Yari “Johnny” Osario . He is from Cali, Columbia. Osorio received a BA degree from John Jay CUNY in Forensic Psychology and later became a New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician.” … STEALTHFULLY working his way through our system…

“Johnny” was a candidate for Vice President from the Party for Socialism and Liberation. ( ) After a Google of his name, I found that his organization was the INSTIGATOR behind the attack on NY-ICE and Jim Gilchrist at Columbia University in October of 2006


Osorio claims credit for “…help(ing) organize for students’ rights across CUNY campuses. ” He helped lead the PSL’s campaign to stop the New York Police Department’s racist “stop and frisk” policy, which ( he claims) targets Black and Latino working-class communities.” Nice Work, Johnny. Keeping America Safe.

Yari Osorio , also, said:

” We WILL oppose THEIR laws. (… you mean the United States?) Counter THEIR Laws. THEIR LIES. THEIR ideas of “right and wrong” with OUR ‘truths’ (followed by his obscene list of accusations) Johnny envisions a “whole NEW way of living in this country, this city and this planet”.

It’s ALL about CHANGE. Changing this so-called ‘Free-Market” system (aka Capitalism) He claims it is NOT working for the MAJORITY of the people on this PLANET! Yari and his organization proposes to replace OUR system. The Socialist Economic system is the NEW way, the NEW system. And then, he PRAISED the brilliance of Hugo Chavez.

“…the American Dream isn’t there for us, the “undocumented”. Capitalism isn’t working for US. It hasn’t worked in South America” And proudly proclaims that around the world many people ARE rejecting ‘this system’.”

VIDEO TWO (Yari Osario)

On to NY-ICE. Their members were peacefully holding a counter-protest, demanding our borders be SECURED and our LAWS enforced.

NY-ICE engaged passersby with an intelligent discussion of their positions regarding our American borders and immigration laws.

Basically, that’s what took place… EXCEPT… for the Marxist INSTIGATOR hoping to knee-jerk an angry response from someone in NY ICE. Hoping they would strike out at him so he could scream “assault”.

This instigating-violence-while-claiming-innocence-JERK was screaming, “These racist pigs have got to go”, and “Fascist” ad nauseum but he didn’t accomplish much since no one in NY-ICE was ‘insulted’ by him.

Other than his continuous cursing, at  (3:43) he said, “They should be AFRAID of us,” he opted for a Big Black Pen and set out to deface the NY ICE signs. Take Note:  at( 4:33) the audio will noisier; everyone was talking at the same time, plus a few illegal Leftist whistles were squealing in the background. But you can still hear the agitator make a some obnoxious statements anyway.

No police (ever) showed up. The DREAM leaders did try to contain him at one point to no avail. Then, at approx (6:08) Mr. Instigator just ‘turns it all off’ and walks away… smiling… Perhaps he was just strutting and cursing for the cameras.

VIDEO THREE – The Instigator

NY-Ice President, Joanna Marzullo, makes a very important clarification to the media after the instigator walked away. ( I paraphrase)

WE, the American citizens who believe that our borders should be secure and our immigration laws obeyed, are the people who are intimidated and forced INTO THE SHADOWS.

Others who spoke with NY-ICE were occasionally argumentative, but the exchanges were void of the incendiary behavior of “Mr Instigator”. He was the only LOUD-MOUTH in the crowd (today). It was a successful counter-rally for NY-ICE. People actually willing to talk, even though they were not going to change their minds.

VIDEO FOUR- NY ICE and the passersby

Two thoughts as I wrap-up. Not great to observe the police absence at this “Coming Out of the Shadows” Rally.  Way TOO ‘thoughtful’.

And our schools. The Marxist/Socialist propaganda filling the hearts and minds of our students comes pouring way too confidently out of the mouths of these ILLEGALS. PAID for by the American taxpayer. Not good.

What do they really have to complain about, when  everything is FREE!

A statement from Joanna Marzullo, ”

On 3.28.13 in NYC, NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) counter protested those that are seeking the D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty for illegal alien college students.

The D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty is NOT even about giving illegal alien college students access to college (which they already have), but is about giving them access to financial aid. They NOT only want to be able to go to college while illegal, but want Americans to PAY FOR IT.


There have already been amnesties. The notable Amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be the last one. The American people were promised secured borders as a result of that 1986 Amnesty deal, which, of course, never happened.

NY ICE is the ONLY grassroots, activist organization in NYC devoted to having our existing immigration laws enforced and our borders effectively secured.

NY’s Sellout Senator Schumer was a part of that 1986 Amnesty deal, and he is a part of the Senate’s Gang of Eight TODAY, acting like we still have to barter for our borders, when he hasn’t even fulfilled the promises of the 1986 Amnesty “deal” that he made!

To learn more, PLEASE visit:

As we stood under the statue of George Washington, our First American President…

…looking at all those pretty MIGRATING Monarch Butterflies (the only butterfly that migrates North and South like birds) I considered the instigators threat, “You should be afraid of us”,  and the purpose of those sanctuary cities ( the protection it gives THEM)

The real reason for Sanctuary Cities. Politicians love the votes they get from the different ethnic groups that they protect through the sanctuary city process…

The saddest part…. Americans have become frightened to talk about illegal immigration ( at) risk of being politically incorrect , to be ( labeled) prejudiced…. sanctuary city or illegal alien do not trump the most meaningful words of all, free speech…guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights.”

Speak UP, Speak OUT, America.  Come Out of the Shadows!

WE, the American citizens who believe that our borders should be secure and our immigration laws obeyed, are the people who are intimidated and forced INTO THE SHADOWS.

Do you KNOW what your children are learning at school? You send them to college, respectful of their country and its laws, but after four years of Leftist propaganda and hard-core indoctrination, will you recognize the child that left home?

Ask questions. Demand answers. Stop the abuse of our schools and textbooks. The Stealth Invasion of the American Dream. We should be very concerned… and… afraid.


Slideshow includes a few more pictures :


Press Conf: NYC Elected Officials Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense!

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 at 11 AM, a press conference was held in support of Israel outside the Israeli Mission in NYC.

This was not your usual press conference, since many of these politicians in attendance were not only Liberal Democrats but also “Far-to-the-Left” Leftists.. Leftists whose predictable support leans towards the Socialist-Marxist-Lefty-Labor and Leftist-Illegal Immigration causes. People who think that “Marxism Rules. That the “American War-Machine &  American Imperialism” are destroying our country. That #OWS is good and Wall Street and a Free Economy is  bad. ( a list of the speakers can be found here) They often turn out to support the “Paleostinian” causes rather than support of Israel, so this was an amazing change-of heart and their Fakestinian-Muslim chums must be furious.

This support  for Israel was unexpected from a few of these politicians. Is there an election coming up? Oh yeah….The Race for Mayor of NYC….Could “we” be trolling for the Jewish vote? Perhaps this explains why “King” Bloomberg is MIA, perhaps he’s letting the potential candidates take the spot-light?

Before I continue, an up-date before I publish. Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Today, Madame  Hillary (and Obama) claim to have pulled-off another “cease-fire” in the Middle East (Huff-Po jumped on this report)

“The deal marked a key victory for Egypt’s new Islamist government, which is caught in a balancing act between its allegiance to Hamas and its need to maintain good relations with Israel and the U.S. Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood.”

Will the peace hold? What makes this cease-fire different from all others? Will the Savages finally decide to resist the anti-Jewish teachings of the Koran? Will the Netueri Karta and the Marxists decide that Israel is now an “A-OK ” country with a right-to-exist?

Their frothing hatred for the Jews and Israel, will they stop teaching it in the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored Middle East courses in our schools and colleges? Will they stop preaching a violent bigotry against the Jews and Israel and the United States (a “3-in-1″ hate)

Will they will now teach, “Can’t we all get along” instead of shouting endlessly for another Jewish holocaust with the offensive “From The River To The Sea”.

Will we see the usual 24 hrs or 48 hrs of supposed ‘peace’ before the suicide bombers return? History does keep repeating itself.  Will Netenyahu let down his guard, forgetting an ill-wind still blows in the Middle East supported by a generations of lies.

Next the video from the Press Conference. The order of the speakers I captured in these excerpts from the press conference follows:

Carolyn Maloney (opening), Sheldon Silver (approx. 3:00), Eliot Engel ( 3:29), Gregory Meeks (6:47), John Liu (7:20), Christine Quinn (9:11), Jerrold Nadler (12:37) and two final speakers that I don’t have names for. The final speaker I think was an (the?) Ambassador from Israel (15:32) I will add the missing names once I can figure them out.

After the Press Conference, Stand With Us held a Rally of Support with many speakers. I was unable to stay but did grab a couple of pictures as the  rally began to gather.

And the familiar ‘loon’ who was yelling from across 42nd street.

I have MORE to post from four days of Pro-Israel Rallies and “Fakestinian” protests that preceded this press conference. Even though we hear talk of a cease-fire, Face book and Twitter are now the eyes of the world and a movement of hatred for Israel runs deeply though the Internet. This remains their goal, Terror and the Annihilation of the Jews.

They will most likely stay potent and active on the street of New York….and so will WE!

Some Final Thoughts. In spite of a HEALTHY turn-out of the MSM recording this bevy of New York Democrat politicians, that included  a quorum of  the NYC Council and it’s  Speaker, Christine Quinn, it seemed that the media failed to publish their coverage of this  press conference. There was much PRESS assembled to hear these wonderful words of  support for Israel’s “Right-To-Defend” herself yet I was unable to track down any reports.

Not a surprise, really. The “Fakestinians’ and their Marxist chums control the Leftist media, even going so far as to dictate to the police who may cover their protests (or NOT) on a PUBLIC street. This is a familiar quote from the mouths of the ‘Fakestinians” and Company,  ” Leave. Get out of here. We don’t want YOUR press.” Too often our police bend to the “Paleos” intense manipulations.

The Leftists in the anti-Israel media must not control the outcome in Israel. If we can encourage some to join forces with the CIVILIZED MAN”, we are winning.

But, sadly, with what appears to be a general news black-out on this day, the media chose to side with the SAVAGES.

Yet, John Liu of the “Working Families” Party, Comptroller of New York City,  ‘got-it’.  Liu came out to support Israel, to carry the Torch-of Freedom for Israel as he cried out for all the Leftist Press to hear, “Am Yisrael Chai!!”

The SAVAGES must not win!

Defend Israel. Defend America!

Fight Back. Fight On!