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“Turning a Blind Eye to Iran’s Call For Genocide” – Dr. Andrew Bostom (audio & slides)


bostom crop 2

Part 1- Feb. 4, 2015- Hosted by The Lawfare Project – NYC.

Audio with slides.

Introduction by Lawfare’s Brooke Goldstein

Dr. Andrew Bostom, then spoke, making a solid case for why we should, without question, support Netanyahu and Israel.

In Part 1, Bostom discussed the Genocidal Threat of a Nuclear Iran. It’s not just about the Jews & Israel, it’s a threat to the world.  (Part 2 is the Q and A)

Dr. Bostom’s Book, “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel…” can be found on Amazon

51J-DXn9bYL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“Iran prepares to attack Northern Israel”  James Lewis – American Thinker

“Of all the extremely dangerous events that are now gathering momentum in the region, the Iranian-Syrian drive against northern Israel is the most dangerous. The reason is simple. Israel has a sophisticated nuclear, WMD, and missile deterrent, to be used under military doctrines similar to our own. For rational nations, WMDs are a last resort, only usable when a threat is direct and existential. Iran has always played the crazy card, a big show of irrational fanaticism and rage. Maybe they really are crazy — nobody knows for sure.”

Q and A – Part 2- Lawfare’s Brooke Goldstein asks the first question in the Q and A with Dr. Bostom.

In Part 1 , Dr. Bostom made a solid case for why we should support Netanyahu and Israel.

In Part 2, his Q and A was equally engaging. Good questions with in-depth answers.

 A book mentioned by Dr. Bostom, “A Time to Attack” written by Matthew Kroenig (also on Amazon)

41GRugqQxiL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“Iran general and 10,000 troops, within six miles of Israeli border”
James Lewis- American Thinker

‘Allah Akbar [God is great]” … “Khamenei is the leader. Death to the enemies of the leadership. Death to America. Death to England. Death to hypocrites. Death to Israel.’

Iranians have been made to chant those words every day since 1979, when Jimmy Carter permitted the modernizing Shah of Iran to be overthrown by martyrdom-preacher Ayatollah Khomeini, leading to more than a million dead in the following Iran-Iraq War.”

IMG_2739 copy

“Most Members of Congress Share Netanyahu’s View” :
Michael Barone – Townhall

“Congress may not find a way to prevent Obama from making the deal he apparently desperately wants […] Iran’s leaders have threatened to rain nuclear weapons on geographically compact Israel. That’s a threat that Israel’s leaders cannot ignore — and one that most members of Congress evidently take seriously as well. “

The White House and Obama. They just don’t get it.  Can we hope to stop this Genocidal Iranian Nuclear War Machine. Before it’s too late?

“White House Faults G.O.P. Senators’ Letter to Iran’s Leaders” – NY Times

“The letter, signed by 47 Republican senators and addressed to “leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” suggested that the Iranian leaders might not understand the American system and warned them that any deal Mr. Obama and other world leaders might reach on the future of its nuclear program would be reversible without congressional approval.”

 “To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.” Abraham Lincoln.


AFSI hosts members of Druze Community from Israel (2-18-15) video/pics


afsi logo

AFSI (Americans For A Safe Israel)  hosted an enlightening evening with members of the Druze community from Israel. We met in an intimate setting of a NY apartment with introductions by Judy Freedman Kadish of AFSI
DSC_9068 copy

Most of the presentation was lead by a man whose name I do not have. (He says his name quickly in the video.) A retired IDF Colonel and also an Israeli Druze. To begin, he explained what it means to be a Druze. Some will say that the  Druze are a sect of Islam, in his explanation, he says this is not so. (I’m sure there is much that can be discussed on this topic that was not discussed here)
DSC_9073 copy

Later on we heard from Koftan Halabi, chairman and founder of the Druze Veterans Association . Importantly, they shared how committed they are to Israel.
DSC_9132 copy

We also met the 21 years old widow of Zidan Saif, Rinal. Her husband was the brave Druze police officer who, in November 2014,  gave his life trying to protect the Jews who were murdered in a terror attack as they were praying in a synagogue in Jerusalem.
DSC_9082 copy

A member of Rabbi Levine’s family was introduced. She offered her thanks to the family for Zidan’s sacrifice.
DSC_9083 copy

Pictured below : Sergeant Zidan Saif and the murdered Rabbis:Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, Rabbi Kalman Levine, Rabbi Moshe Twersky and Kupinsky Aryeh

Saif, a 30 years old  traffic control inspector in the Jerusalem police, was one of the first two policemen to arrive at the scene to confront the two terrorists,. He left behind a wife, a four-months-old baby, parents and five siblings….
Master-Sergeant Zidan Saif sacrificed his life to save others and was murdered in the attack in Har Nof in Jerusalem.”

Later, the Colonel led a very personable Q and A.
DSC_9088 copy

With some final remarks and thank yous from AFSI’s, Helen Freedman.
DSC_9096 copy DSC_9101 copy

Winding up the evening was Aharon Pulver, Israeli Director of the Israel Independence Fund.
DSC_9120 copy

His topic: The need to maintain Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

(please be sure to watch video in HD for best quality)

AFSI is planning their next trip to Israel in June. Please consider joining them!


Stand For Freedom of Speech – Geller & Spencer in Garland Texas (1-17-15)

AFDI Freedom Rally
Stand For FreeDOM OF Speech

10406730_10153018744172439_8963723754826916209_nAFDI President, Pamela Geller, “Saturday’s Stand With the Prophet event seeks to combat ‘Islamophobes in America’ – in line with Islamic supremacist groups’ longstanding objective of defaming, smearing and marginalizing anyone who opposes the jihad agenda. They say they want to defend Muhammad – which means to silence those who notice that defenders of Muhammad just murdered sixteen people in Paris, and tens of thousands worldwide since 9/11.”

Stand Against JihaD

Stand-with-the-prophet“Our AFDI rally,” Geller added, “will stand for the freedom of speech against all attempts, violent and stealthy, to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on Americans and stifle criticism of Muhammad and Islam. As Muhammad’s followers kill more and more people, we need critics of him more than ever – and free people need to stand up against these underhanded attempts to stifle all criticism of Islam, including honest investigations of how jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify Jew-hatred, violence, supremacism and oppression.”


1656412_10153016300322439_6941848764437653946_nThe Fight for Free Speech Rally on January 17, 2015 was made even more vivid by the vicious attack on Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs Blog. Free Speech is under attack. The blog was shut down, the servers melted by a cyber-attack,  just days before the Freedom Defense Initiative’s Free Speech Rally was held in Garland, Texas. Geller said,

 “My site host, Media Temple, said they couldn’t cope with the attack against my site. They had never in their history seen anything like it. The DDoS attack didn’t just take down my site. It also took down Media Temple and threatened all of their clients, and even attacked the servers that Media Temple uses at Net Data Center, a service provider that promises “uninterrupted operations.” Net Data Center could not handle the massive traffic that the attackers were sending to my site to take it down, and finally had to pull the plug on Atlas Shrug”

At this time her website is still down after this vicious  DDoS attack . It was a crippling attack. Want to help get her site back up? You can contribute here. Meanwhile, there is a temporary site! The Atlas Shrugs temporary site can be found here.

Continuing with the rally on January 17th in Garland, Texas.  They rallied for Free Speech. A fight that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer helped to organize .

Pamela Geller Speech
She reminded the crowd that “TRUTH is a Revolutionary Act”.stand-with-the-prophet-against-hate-and-terror-protest

“We are standing against the most brutal and radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth” (Pamela Geller)

RSGarlandTexas011715-300x200 copy
From Robert Spencer
” Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” was also billed as a fundraiser for a center to teach Muslims how to combat negative depictions of their faith.   Hosted by Muslim Brotherhood operatives and Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj.  Spencer also said, “They have too long controlled the discourse and shut down any honest examination of the motives and goals of terrorists by crying ‘Islamophobia.’


“The Stand for Freedom of  Speech” rally was a huge success. A fabulous turnout of grass roots America that turned out in large numbers to counter the ill-timed “Stand with the Prophet” conference taking place there.

“Held just 10 days after the horrific attack in Paris that left 16 dead, the annual forum was billed by organizers as a “movement to defend Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message,” with an emphasis on opposing “Islamophobes in America.”

photo copy
“Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate” –  was hosted by a public school (the Curtis Culwell Center (Garland Independent School District property) – an event that was dedicated to eradicating “Islamophobia”.

thLater, Geller pointed out that the “Media coverage of the ‪#‎freespeechrally‬ was vicious and dishonest. Absurd, they’re killing journalists.”

She also said, “The media can smear us and the President can stand with them. We the people are not having it.”

Freedom of speech.  AMERICA is not interested in abrogating our freedoms in the name of diversity. STAND AGAINST SHARIA

two stand-with-the-prophet-against-hate-and-terror-protest“Never forget who you are” (Geller)

A brief comment from Robert Spencer

Those who follow “The Prophet”  do NOT understand our Freedoms. Nor embrace them. And those Americans who are foolish enough to embrace this insurrection, must not be allowed to shut us down. America. Mad as hell and NOT going to take it any more.

“It’s a war in the information battle-space. We must play to win.” (Pamela Geller)

Thank G-D for the fighting spirit that rises in defense of our Freedoms.  The AMERICAN WAY. We must NEVER FORGET. When our backs are against the wall – AMERICANS do not turn tail and run. EVER.



Links used to report on the Garland Texas Rally : Biz Pac Review ; (Merrill Hope) ; (Bob Price) ; Christian Post  ; Daily Kenn ; Gateway Pundit ; Jihad Watch: ¹ ²³ ; Right Scoop ; The Blaze ; World Net Daily

Stand With the Prophet ( Face book)

Free Speech Protest (Face book)
Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)



From 20% to 4%: The Disappearance of Christians Under Islamist Extremism in the Middle East – Father Gabriel Naddaf (audio & pics)

 November 20, 2014 – This event was sponsored by the Lawfare Project, The Face of Israel and the Conference of Presidents. It took place just two days after the murder of 4 Jews at prayer in Jerusalem.
“Five people were killed early Tuesday morning ( November 18, 2014) when two Palestinian assailants entered a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood, armed with guns and knives. The dead were four Jewish worshipers, and a Druze policeman who died of his wounds hours after he was shot in the gunfight that ended the attack.”

fr naddaf
 “Father Naddaf serves as the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Yafia, near Nazareth, as well as the primary spiritual advisor and religious spokesperson for the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, a civil society organization that works to support Arab speaking Christian-Aramaen citizens of Israel to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.  Foe his efforts to encourage Arab Christian integration into mainstream Israeli society, father Naddaf has been denounced by Arab members of the Israeli Knesset and receives regular threats of intimidation. Before taking his current post, he served as a speaker and judge in the Court of the Patriarchate in Jerusalem.”
“Combining an incredible personal story with his unique perspective as an Arabic-speaking Israeli Greek Orthodox priest from Nazareth, Father Gabriel Naddaf  discussed the plight facing Middle Eastern Christians living under Islamic Extremism.”“Equality is against the Islamic religion. So is justice.The whole point of Islam is to impose inferiority on other religions.
That affirms the specialness of Muslims or Muslim privilege…
NO they aren’t willing to share.”
 “Father Naddaf reviews the shocking stories and statistics of violent oppression facing his colleagues and friends in many of the region’s historic Christian communities and highlights the singular exception to this trend that Israel represents in providing religious freedom, security and opportunity for its Christian citizens and residents.”
AUDIO Text follows (enhanced with a few pics in the video) Part 1 of 2
Richard B. Stone, former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents, gave the opening statement and then the intro for Fr. Gabriel Naddaf.
IMG_2374 copy copy
“The attack as you all know occurred during prayer hours at a synagogue. During the recitation of the (…?) Sh’ma Israel (snip) And I bring this up, to point out that these people were killed because they were Jews praying. And the conflict is not only between extremist Islam and Jews, it’s between extremist Islam and the rest of the world. And one of the most important things, lessons to take as we focus on what happened (snip)…. and it’s an important moment, poignant for us (…?) to remember how we are in brotherhood, in common-need with Christians in the Middle East… in my opinion, terribly under-described victims of this kind of brutality and inhumanity and animal behavior.

And so, that brings me to today’s program (snip ) this week is a special time for us to have a program here at the Presidents’ Conference at the Lawfare Project, that focuses and examines closely the treatment  of Christians at the hands of Muslim Extremists in the Middle East in particular, and we take my extension, in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Intro for Fr Gabriel Naddaf begins [1:22]
We have with us, and it’s a great privilege, Fr. Gabriel Naddaf, who is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jafiya, near Nazareth, and this should be of great interest to us, the primary spiritual adviser to an organization called Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which is a Civil Society Organization designed to facilitate and persuade Arab-Israelis to participate in the IDF and to be strong, loyal, patriotic Israeli  citizens(snip)

… a very substantial price for this activity, and for this point-of-view, which I, presume, he will tell us something about. He is a heroic figure, bringing us today a topic that we really need very much for our sake, his sake, for the sake of Christians, for the sake of Jews and for the sake of all Western Civilization (snip)

Applause as Fr. Naddaf goes to podium. [2;26]

IMG_2380 copy
Good afternoon. Thank you all for being here, with special thanks to the Lawfare Project and the Conference of Presidents for hosting me today. I am honored to speak before you and your guests today.
As you heard, my name is Father Gabriel Naddaf.

I was born in the city of Nazareth (the ?) north of Israel. The town where the Angel Gabriel, whose name I have, appeared to Mary, the Mother of G-d. The very town in which Jesus Christ grew up and began his ministry.

When I was born, Nazareth was a city that was majority Christian; mostly Greek Orthodox, but also Catholics and Protestants. Now it’s majority Muslim.

As I speak to you now, across  the Middle East, a sword is being soaked with the blood of Christians. Across the Middle East in the (…?) ten years, one million Christians have been murdered in the Middle East (…?) [3:42] This means  that every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith. A faith that stands for Love and Peace in the Lord.

[3:59] (…?) Christians were some 20% of the Middle East, today that figure is estimated to be around 4%. (…?) Islamic persecution have fled. Since 2000, over 77% of, Iraq’s 700,000 Christians, have fled. In Syria, where there were two million Christians, there are now (…?) 250,000. Those who remain exist as second class citizens to their Muslim rulers. They face discrimination, physical threats and have been subjected to the most hideous of crimes. Execution and forced conversion (…?) Why. Because they believe in a different faith; a faith with a universal message of love and peace for all.

But, in the Middle East today, there is one country where Christians are fortunately (…?) freedom  of suppression, freedom of worship and security. It is Israel. The Jewish State. In Israel Christians enjoy good education, employment, welfare, health care and (…?) studying. [5:41] In Israel, Christians have freedom which NO Muslim power has ever offered us.

As I child I was told that there were bad relations with the Jews. I was told that the Jews said “This is their country” and the Arabs said “It was theirs”. After high school I went to live with my grandmother in Haifa. A mixed Israeli city of Jews and Arabs. I began to work and meet with the Jews. Everyday I was aware of Jews. I worked in a Jewish (…?) and was successful. Tnd they sent me to train courses. They invested in me. The idea that I needed to be scared of Jews or that there was something dangerous about them, was simply not true. A myth was exposed.

From my childhood, I was feeling that I had to save the church. To be honest, I really though that my family did not want me to enter the church, either. The wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor. But, it was my calling. So I began my studies with the Greek Orthodox Patriarch (here) in Jerusalem and learned that the people and the roots are from the Jewish People.

I learned that Jesus Christ was Jewish. Part of the people that Moses led out of Egypt with the help of G-d. Part of the tradition of (…?) [7:45] Joseph and Mary, who raised Jesus Christ were Jewish and knew their scriptures. (…?) are themselves of King David and the Laws of the Bible; including the Five Books of Moses and the Books of the Hebrew Prophets.

The Pope Francis presently spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about whether Jesus spoke Hebrew or Aramaic, which was the language of the Talmud. (…?) our Christian origins are rooted in the Holy Land where Jesus walked and talked. Christianity considers itself (…?) the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible and is not separated from it. [8:38]

Those of us lucky enough to live under Israeli sovereignty have very good relations with the Jewish community living in the land. The State of Israel has demonstrated a considerate attitude towards my community and today, Israel, the Jewish State, the only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe.

Today, in the face of religious persecution and terrorism[snip] [worship, the (…?) for peace, are (…?). To live together in the land of (…?) our fathers. But, what about the rest of the world? ]Does the world speak up against the persecution of Christians in the Middle East? Does the world support Israel for its democratic values (…?) freedom of religion? No. sadly not. Instead Israel has become a victim (…?) SNIP criticism. So much] the International community chooses to single out and attack Israel. This is a terrible crime.

Our (…?) only free society in the Middle East and ???? encourages act of terror; and even against Jews, Yazidis, Christians and even Muslims.  In the region, it is time the world woke up to the fact that those who want to destroy the Jewish State are also threatening the last free Christians in the Holy Land. [10;47]

That is why I am here today. To call on you to join me and to show the world Israeli (…?) (…?) safe, this in Christian life in the Middle East. It has (…?) open me by Jesus Christ to plead to you, leaders of people, seekers of peace, to support my (…?) ; to end the global witch-hunt of the only free country in the Middle East.

I call on you today, to (…?) the strength of your great country to prevent the persecution of Christians and to stand by Israel; to protect our community and heritage.

Please don’t let the thousands of years of thriving Christians in the Middle East come to an end on your watch. I ant to thank you again.  G-d Bless you all and Shalom. [11:58]

Closing remarks [12:05]

Part 2 of 2 Videos

The Q and A  is about 45 minutes – 13 questions and answers, Father Naddaf’s responses were as interesting as his presentation. He was assisted by a translator. He responds is Hebrew and Translator in English.

                                [Q and A time stamps]

Q #1 (0:03) /A# 1 (0:18)                       Q #7 (28:13) / A #7 ( 29:07)
Q #2 (4:15) /A# 2 (4:43)                       Q #8 (31:38) /A # 8 (31:41)
Q #3 (16:14) / A# 3 (17:24)                  Q #9 (32:37) /A #9 ( 33:16)
Q #4 (19:32) / A# 4 (19:41)                  Q#10 (33:57)/A #10 (34:52)
Q#5 (20:12) / A# 5 (21:12)                   Q #11 (37:14) / A #11 (38:14)
Q #6 Hebrew (22:22)                         Last two questions were off mic
[English 23:22] /A #6 (24:22)              A #12 (39:54)
..                                                               A #13 (Hebrew 40:47)
..                                                                           (English 42:09)

IMG_2376 copy

This is audio only, but captions and time codes should make it easier to scroll through the recording.

face of israel creditthe-lawfare-project
As we left 2014 and slipped cautiously into 2015, America was under-seige from the hard-core leftists and the violent racism, assaulting and murdering our police….while ‘mayor’ Red Bill DeBlasio and ‘president” barack hussein Obama work to disarm our country. We are vulnerable. As is the world, exploding with more and more terrorism aimed at citizens-not soldiers. 
December 15, 2014 : Australia: Hostages taken in Sydney chocolate shop, Islamic jihad flag seen
January 9, 2015: Paris is under-seige

‘Every single French Jew I know has left Paris': Editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital”

  • ‘Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave’, he said
  • Experts believe that more than 100,000 French Jews have left since 2013  

January 9, 2015 : “Four hostages, armed terrorist reported dead in siege at kosher deli in eastern Paris”

January 10. 2015 : “Boko Haram’s ‘deadliest massacre’: 2,000 feared dead in Nigeria”

  Islam is at WAR with the world. No one is safe. But, as I return to the point of Father Naddaf’s presentation, some places just might be a bit safer than others.
 “Within the borders of Israel, however, according to the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the Christian population is growing. Israel provides Christians with security, freedom of worship, excellent education, employment, health care and other rights and opportunities beyond what is available in many parts of the Muslim world. Father Naddaf and other Christian priests of various denominations, both within and beyond Israel and the Middle East, are clear: One of the safest places for Christians in the Middle East today is Israel.”
And, post-France terrorism attacks,  “Netanyahu told Jews who may be fearful living inside France they would be welcomed with open arms if they decided to seek refuge in Israel.”


NYIC Illegal Immigrant Equality Advocates Announce 2015 Goals (vids-pics)

NYIC- The New York Immigration Coalition – advocates for illegal trespassers, announced on January 5, 2015, outside NY City Hall, that their first priority was to push passage of the New York State DREAM Act.

Screen shot  2 cropFree Education. Free Health Care. FREE citizenship – no waiting in line- Lots of perks for breaking our Immigration Laws.

NY-ICE was also there on this blustery, very cold day. Illegals are Illegals and should be deported. Our laws enforced.
DSC_8852 copy


There were a couple of reporters who took the time interview the oppositon. DSC_8854 copy

photo copy









But, the main reason we were there was to the hear the NYIC speakers promoting Illegal Immigration aka Trespassing and their predictable and offensive reasons why our Immigration Laws are to be ignored and no longer enforced.

Screen shot  crop“Education shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a right for all students,” said Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. She claims that “Last year, an unprecedented number of child refugees from Central America crossed the border into the United States, many of them fleeing gang violence in their home countries.

Steve Choi, Executive Director of NYIC, was joined by State Senator Liz Krueger ( 28th District), Grace Shim, Exec Dir of MinKwon were amongst a few others who spoke and are posted in the videos at the end of this article.DSC_8841 copy“Passage of the Dream Act, along with other assistance, would “support and empower the immigrant families and communities that want to add their contribution to the mosaic that is New York state,” said  Choi. “We can do that this year.”

Camille Mackler , director of legal initiatives for NYIC, is a legal advisor who helps illegals get around our immigration laws. She informs us that, ” Of the over 56,000 children who were able to find U.S. sponsors, 6,277 were released to sponsors in New York State, according to the latest statistics collected by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement. That makes New York the state with the second highest number of unaccompanied minors, behind Texas.”

Disturbing statistics….

“Advocates will lobby for more money to support local school districts that provide these children with education—especially in Long Island and Westchester County, where resources for immigrants are scarce.”

“They also want to ensure that the children get legal representation during deportation hearings, and access to mental health services to help them recover from the trauma of their past experiences.”

“Once we have paid for their mental health care and legal aide” Camille Mackler insists these illegals – these children (as she repeated over and over) will “will grow up and they will lead our stock exchanges, they will walk in the halls of our capitals in Albany and Washington D.C. and they will be our next great musicians and great actors.”

Also, speaking to the reporters was Valeria Treves – Executive Director New Immigrant Executive Community Empowerment (NICE)
DSC_8846 copyTreves read the list of “other goals advocates hope to achieve: providing drivers’ licenses to all New York residents, regardless of status; passing a farm workers’ bill of rights that guarantees the right to overtime pay, fair wages and collective bargaining; and introducing legislation to limit collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the federal agency in charge of deportations.

FYI: the city recently passed a bill that prohibits ICE from detaining illegal immigrants without a federal judge’s warrant, no such bill exists at the state level.

From TSM: None if this is new information. We hear these same goals from NYIC year after year. And since they appeared to be speaking to their own media-friendly cameras (mostly Spanish stations and Asian reporters) perhaps this press conference won’t have much of an impact.

DSC_8858 copyEven so, the possibility that this DREAM could deliver all of these freebees, is creeping forward, nurtured by Obama and his fellow travelers, including the current Mayor of NYC, Red Bill DeBlasio and his partner-in-crime, Melissa Mark-Viverito, NY City Council Speaker. The NY City Council is there to HELP the illegals. NYC- a Sanctuary City where Illegals are Welcomed.

photo3 crop

The only good immigration laws in America are NO Immigration Laws … for the citizens of South and Central America, that is.

The rest of you, GET BACK IN LINE!


I will let the (6) short videos speak for themselves.

Links referred to  for this report : NY Daily News and  The Epoch Times

“Pro- NYPD Demonstrators” VS Marxist-led “Anti-Cop Agitators” (12-19-14) vids & pics

On December 19th, 2014, outside NY City Hall Park, the Thankyou NYPD #BlueLivesMatter Rally was harassed by  ‪#‎NoThankYouNYPD‬ protestors 
The ‪#‎NoThankYouNYPD‬ protestors were determined to SHUT DOWN any rally that might show support for the NYPD.

The Anti-NYPD agitators face book page said clearly that they came out to SHUT DOWN the Pro-NYPD Rally.

shut nypd down
“To have any pro-cop rally when the people has been denied justice in the case of Eric Garner and Mike Brown is an attack on all those that has been victimize by the militarize police department.”

“We also need to make sure that who ever is coming to support this event is recorded on camera, video or picture.The world need to see the faces of those that support the militarize police department and killer cops.”

“I believe that everyone has the right to express their belief in any manner they want, but not on the blood of our stolen love ones. Police terrorizes people around the world and murder people with impunity. We the people must send police and those that support killer cops a message!”

anarcho-queer:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Shut Down Pro-NYPD Rally<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> When: December 19th, 2014 @ 5pm<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Where: CIty Hall<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Racist New Yorkers have decided to hold a pro-NYPD rally at City Hall during the same time the family of Ramarley Graham will demand the Department of Justice investigate the killing of the unarmed 18 year old by NYC police.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> On Feb. 2, 2012, 18-year-old Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by NYPD Officer Richard Haste in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother, after officers unlawfully busted into the house without a warrant, probable cause or any other legal justification.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Don’t allow the racist drown out our voices, stand with us and demand justice!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Facebook Events: Anti-NYPD Rally, Justice For Ramarley, Shut The  NYPD Down<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

from their face book page

My Brothers and Sisters in the struggle. Let us bring a lot of noise making objects. Drums, horns, pots, sticks and our voices. When they speak we will shut them down.

“We will not be silent or silenced.”

Determined to keep the press from hearing any support for the police.
As I arrived there was still a bit a daylight as I caught a few of the Marxist Tools already reaching out to the press, but so were the couple of guys I saw with the I Can Breathe t-shirts. All was quiet and calm at this point.

VIDEO ONE as I arrived and while both sides assembled and mingled…

And later, as I left, I took once last look from across Broadway…another look at a simmering pot of anarchy

VIDEO TWO – more from the anti-NYPD side as a father speaks of his dead son

They came with whistles, signs and obnoxious chants to drown out and surround the Pro-Police Rally. As it grew dark, before the police separated them, some heated exchanges took place on the sidewalk.

Sara Flounders  of Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center was her usual harpy-self, screaming at a fellow who was actually trying to present his reasons for supporting the NYPD. That of course must NOT be allowed. So he was surrounded and SHOUTED down.

 Flounders proclaimed (over and over) “Cops are Killers.” Screaming in his face. Her associate, Imani Henry, a self described transgender from the Peoples Republic of Brooklyn , “he” too SCREAMED, “The whole damn system is guilty as hell”

While the red-wigged black woman dressed as a CLOWN, whistled LOUDLY in between her relentless Ross Perot-ish prattle, Let me Finish. If you would stop talking over me (which wasn’t possible even if he had wanted to) LET ME FINISH (she kept repeating) Equality and Justice are NOT the same thing for people who look like me!

VIDEO THREE – pros and cons mixing it up…

It took awhile before I found the Support NYPD Rally. Since most people would be arriving from the North side of the City Hall Park, the insurgents managed to have their enclosure on the north side of the sidewalk, blocking the Pro-NYPD Rally with their signs.

Eventually even the press found both sides.

VIDEO FOUR a Pro- NYPD demonstrator interviewed

VIDEO FIVE – pro-NYPD demonstartor and as smart mouthed agitator

VIDEO SIX – Community Affairs Officer politely diffuses the agitator

VIDEO  SEVEN–  More from both sides

Below is a picture of the Pro-NYPD demonstrators giving it back to the anarchists.

 This was the set up once the police got both sides (sort of) separated:Pro-NYPD Demonstrators Rally vs the Anti-NYPD Protesters

crowds twojpgAnd some of the press went back and forth. This is from NY1- Pro-Police Rally Clashes With Protest to ‘Shut Down NYPD’ at City Hall .

A Carnivale with a deadly outcome, not even 24 hour hours later: The EXECUTION of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

 The execution of two NYPD officers was a predictable outcome of so much hatred spewing from the mouths of these ‘progressives’.
timthumb.phpA vivid absence of remorse, as this post at IAC reveals with predictable propaganda.

“Peoples Power Assembly Movement on shooting of police in Brooklyn The police have been desperately searching or waiting for some occurrence that they can use as a weapon to crush the most powerful, widespread, national mass uprising against racist police terror and murder since the 1960s….”

“The Dec. 20 killing of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, allegedly by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who afterwards allegedly killed himself in a subway station, is NOW that weapon. We underscore the word “allegedly” because all we know about what happened is what the police have told us… we always suspect whatever the police say because they lie all the time. …”

crowds separated

And after the murder of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, a Police Slow Down?


 A slow-down? Jose LaSalle  thinks “THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

 “Less people are being criminalize, traumatize, terrorize, dehumanize, assaulted and murder. Let us continue to keep the pressure on the militarize police department and the system that supports them. People Power Is The Cure For Police Brutality.”
I wonder if Mayor “Red Bill” de Blasio would prefer to be protected by street thugs and protesters than by the ‪#‎NYPD‬
Dinesh D’Souza

This group of Islamo- Fascist- Socialist – Communist, Race Baiters, of the USA, are all in for destroying American Culture.
…in the old days we used to call them Bolsheviks or communist scum, today it’s “progressives” – Dinesh D’Souza

Larry Holmes, Caleb Maupin, People’s Power Assembly, International Action Center,Workers World Party :

Insurrection not peace is their goal:

If you look at the “peaceful protestors”talking part in the recent demonstrations across America, what do you see?  Young people who are products of the public school system. If you listen to the “peaceful protestors” what do you hear? Lies about America that were “taught” in the public schools…. There is no doubt that our schools are places where a leftist agenda is being pushed but it gets even more sinister. Are we deliberately encouraging these protests and the resulting civil unrest?

… the “peaceful protestors” feel justified and empowered. They are true believers and have been programmed from an early age (Let’s get them even earlier with universal pre-K). Where we will be as a country if we allow the progressives to have full control and even more time to teach this hate for America via Common Core? Do we want a United States of America? These things have been put into motion and we are seeing the results. What’s it going to take for people to connect the dots?

The future looks grim.





Part 2- Q & A with author-“The Muslims Are Coming” – NYPL (10-16-14)

Part 1 of Dr. Kundnani’s presentation is here>>

“The Muslims Are Coming: Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror” by Dr. Arun Kundnani .

muslims-are-coming-bookKundnani has a theory that must rise above historical misunderstandings of Islam. He insists: The War on Terror is NOT about Islam. It is all about POLITICS, the FBI and government entrapment.

Whether the question was in agreement with him or not (though most seemed to support him) Kundnani predictably brought his answer back to his meme: The War on Terror is NOT about Islam. It’s about POLITICS; the FBI; entrapment.

Part Two : The Q and A – with a partial transcription for 14 questions and answers. (Q & A was still going on when I left)

Q and A BEGINS: Man asks – #1- re Entrapment Defense used by the terrorists has not been successful… through the justice department…

Answer – Kundnani: The way the entrapment defense is supposed to work, you begin saying the actions that you are accused of would not have occurred were it not for the government’s intervention. you, also, have to prove you did not have a predisposition to commit those acts BEFORE the government intervened. So far, No ONE has successfully won an entrapment defense in any of these Federal Terrorist related cases, BECAUSE it is very hard for the defendants to say they did NOT have a ‘predisposition’. That’s because the Prosecution brings  a (so-called) Terrorism EXPERT in to the court who says that because this guy visited these web sites, expressed these opinions, that constitutes a predisposition to be a terrorist. What are those websites and the opinions expressed? Often, radical criticism to U.S. foreign policy OR expressions of belief that should be protected by the First Amendment (of the Constitution). The courts, the system, does not supply sufficient protection from that kind of abuse (of the First Amendment) from taking place.

Kundnani uses this moment to refer to Abdullah -Alim and his arrest for Gun possession. [46:29] Pointing out that THIS is NOT considered a TERRORISM related case. He doesn’t get to make his entrapment argument at all. The jury hears nothing about the FBI. Straight court-case. Guy stopped on street. Possession of a gun.

Kundnani CLAIMS this to be a sufficient protection from that kind of abuse (of the First Amendment) from taking place.

Kundnani uses this moment to refer to Abdullah -Alim and his arrest for Gun possession. [46:29] Pointing out that THIS is NOT considered a TERRORISM related case. He doesn’t get to make his entrapment argument at all. The jury hears nothing about the FBI. Straight court-case. Guy stopped on street. Possession of a gun.

Kundnani CLAIMS this to be a situation where THE COURTS are NOT providing PROTECTION to people who are being abused (so he claims) in this way (by the FBI)

Question # 2 – Is more about suggestion how potential informants might protect themselves BEFORE they agree to be an informant, This guy suggests that you PUBLISH in a magazine (for about $20) that the FBI approached you [47:15]

Kundnani replies: He thinks this is beyond most peoples means. That it seems a bit dramatic. Mosques are aware that they are targets for the FBI. So sadly,  they are no longer welcoming to strangers who wish to join the mosque. They are suspicious of potential new members. VERY suspicious of anyone who talks Radical Talk while trying to bring about an entrapment. Mosques are now reporting that they have someone in he congregation who’s talking in an angry, radical way.

He mentions the immigration status of many of these potential informants, who are here ILLEGALLY. Vulnerable to being removed if they find themselves on the wrong end of the Federal Government. People are aware that the FBI can use its powers to TARGET you, it takes a little bit of courage to publish that the FBI is approaching you (for entrapment). He says Abdullah-Alim HAD that courage and he’s now spending 16 years in prison.

Kundnani says the more we can talk about these issues, the more we can overcome the fear and the isolation. To think about strategies.

Kundnani feels it is not possible to be as straight forward as Questioner # 2 was suggesting.[51:34]

Question # 3 [man with accented English] Clearly he agrees with Kundnani’s presentation by how he phrases his statement/question. He states ‘What’s new here?”  He refers to government tactics targeting potentially radical groups. He mentions England where two years ago, he says, the government proposed to criminalize ‘free speech’, not just for radicalized groups but, for university.

Question (finally).Is the biggest threat coming from the government or from the criminalization of being anti-Islamic . The minds seem to be already ‘colonized’ by all that rhetoric that happen in U.S. That happen in Europe. Isn’t it better (??) the police tactics from the government?

Answer from Kundnani [53:22] (Not sure HOW this answer came out of that question above ) He says that is what he covers in his book.

The history of the FBI- 1940’s- Claiming that what’s different now from the FBI’s abuses under Hoover.  Hoover had a program in the late 1950’s to criminalize the LEFT and to criminalize the Civil Rights Movement.

Kundnani says it was UNDERSTOOD at the time, by Hoover and the people that exposed it, as unauthorized criminal activity by the FBI. That’s why it had to be secret.

Exposed in the early 1970’s, recognizing that this secret program was against the Constitution; against the law. With 1990’s legislation in the U.S. the government can now do the same stuff lawfully. Some one can now be convicted not for something they are doing, but for expressing opinions.

Kundnani also says that to write this book, he had access to material that’s not public, but THIS is Open Secrets. ” If you publish an article that says something positive about a terrorist organization, you are effectively providing resources. material support to that organization.Twenty years ago we’d have understood that activity as First Amendment protected.

Re Change: He feels this is about how we THINK about theses issues in society. We’re not going to bring about change by changing government policies here or by changing how we do counter-terrorism policy coming out of Washington.

What we NEED is a more FUNDAMENTAL change in how we question violence in society. How we THINK about Muslims.

Are we able to recognize Muslims as fellow citizens when they express opinions that we disagree with and not seen as extremism, but seen as just someone else expressing an opinion from us.

That’s the KEY test.

Next Kundnani refers to the questioner’s mentioning of pieces of legislation in Europe that target, not radicals, but what we consider to be radicalization is somewhat nebulous and vague.

Looking at how we use the word extremism in the United States, in relation to Muslims, we don’t use that term just for people who advocate violence, we use it in a much wider way-to talk about people’s choice in clothing. [58:21]

QUESTION #4 – a woman-“Going back to the recent beheadings, now you did say that you were compare the United Kingdom and the U.S. in regard to these kind of practices so I was just ‘looking’ at that. And, also, other than interviewing people who were in the FBI, have you in anyway been involved with the FBI-type work in your career?

Kundnani asks her to clarify what she is asking. (he euphemistically responds) That there seems to be more people coming from Britain involved in that “kind of activity”? Syria- UK – [she mentions the radicalization being worse in UK.] He continues, that for about a decade now the story, the impression, is that there is a bigger problem in the UK compared to the US. (He does not agree) He claims it’s very hard to reach that conclusion based on the actual statistics.

This is Kundnani’s answer (of sorts)

He thinks it’s about the same. Many from UK have gone to Syria (he says) for Humanitarian reasons, medical/nursing, in opposition to the Assad regime. Some join groups supported by US, some have joined ISIS.

NOW he starts talking about the son of a man who is between held in a downtown New York prison [1:02] The Metropolitan Correctional Center on Park Street. A Federal Building where we hold people accused of terrorism (Pre-trial) He’s Egyptian.

Egyptian Security services have wanted him for a long time. He was in prison in Britain for about 10 years without being convicted of a crime, extradited to the U.S. The son has grown up with his father in prison, the victim of a great miscarriage of justice. (HOW does this  answer her question??? about beheadings. Seems he’s just making sure to keep his talking points on-the-floor)

QUESTION # 5 (a woman)  [1:03] The questions started to get bit more demanding.   (Accented English. Hard to understand) re “God of Islam” and madrassas.

Kundnani explains this is not his field- She is slightly argumentative- He responds this is what would be solved by the so-called terrorism experts. Another woman is saying that she asked, what does it mean. Lots of chatter happening at the same time. (He tries to answer the question that is apparently about the madrassa and a phrase that is about the ‘House of Islam”. About how to define the world(the woman keeps talking over him)

He tries to respond again:”These are kind of emotional issues I get once in awhile [1:05;30] I understand we have strong feelings, but…again…this mythology we’re being told that somehow that THEY (she interrupts him again) He responds,  “You have to let me try to answer your question.” (she KEEPS talking over him)

He tries again, “We can talk about this ONE ideology called Islam. That everyone follows in the same way. This kind of monolith. Then we are told that these are the kind of beliefs that everyone in this monolith believes. Then you get the version where there are moderates on the one hand and there’s extremists — (and she INTERRUPTS HIM AGAINBut, he continues —“…eventually we come to the same point, talking percentages. How many are extremists. THIS is the mythology we’re being sold.” [1:07;15] (He insists) This is not HOW people turn into terrorists …. because of religious text. There is absolutely NO evidence for that. (!!)

You’ve been TOLD that because it’s a NICE story to explain to you WHY we’re involved in this thing called the “War on Terror”. The REAL reason: It’s ALL about POLITICS and NOT religious Ideology. (she is still chattering in the background as the audience APPLAUDS him)[1:07;40]

Question #6 (a woman – Devils Advocate) WHY are you blaming the victims? (9-11) We’re not blaming ALL Muslims but, what happened to the Moderate Muslims who need to put their best foot forward and recognize that they do have a certain amount of extremism. (She then mentions the American Japanese in WW 2 who were interred.)

They were not responsible for the actions of Japan but, because they were so vilified (she says) the internment was so we could protect them. We don’t want to see Civil War in our streets the way ISIS is doing it.  All we want – WHY are WE the VICTIMS not allowed to have the FBI to protect me…her? WHY are YOU right and I’m wrong?[1:08;55]

Kundnani tries to respond (she keeps talking in the background) First, you said I’m blaming the victims of 9-11. Kundnani insists he is NOT blaming the victims. He says our governments approach to counter-terrorism is misguided. We need to be consistent in our morality here.

If we’re going to condemn 9-11, we also need to condemn the actions of our OWN government when IT kills civilians. If we want to talk about morality, THAT’S moral consistency.

When our own government carries out violence, which could be domestically, we have to condemn that as passionately as we condemn the violence of 9-11. That’s the ONLY way we can condemn 9-11 without HYPOCRISY. (the room becomes a MESS of cross-talking)

(Rising above the vocal mess) He makes the point that the internment of the American Japanese (put in camps to “PROTECT” them) was one of the most Civil Rights (….?) that the US government has done in the last century [1:11;44] (She continues to argue with him and to babble-on til the next question)

Question #7 (a woman) [1:12;09] She feels he would have a much better argument if he said that the vast majority of Muslims are not radicalized, they don’t follow these teachings. But, when you say Islamic teachings never have anything to do with this, quite frankly it’s not believable.

NY Times had an interview, head of Pakistani madrassa system said that the “most important thing for his madrassa students to realize was that the destruction of the West is really the most important thing in Islam.” You can say that he is misinterpreting Islam, but I’m sure he believes that the madrassa system is (…?) Islam for him.

He has a PHD in Islamic Theology. He is exterminating Yizidis and Christians; selling them in to slavery. He is NOT doing that because he is reacting to the actions of the United States. So, I would ask, it’s just not credible to say that Islam never had anything to do with this.

Yes, the West has done wrong-things, but it’s not credible, in my opinion. I’d like to know how you respond to that. (there is a smattering of applause)

Kundnani jumps right back to his meme, not wavering one little bit: Islamic theology is NOT the CAUSE of Terrorism [1:13;26] He says she’s kind of objecting to something he’s not exactly saying (!?)

He takes a broader point with two talking points:

“Extremism causes terrorism.
Moderate Islam is a Religion of Peace.”

“This still leaves you,” he says, “with this flawed assumption that ideology causes Political Violence and Terrorism.

Ideology does NOT cause political violence and terrorism.

One does not become a terrorist because he read an Islamist extremist texts. That’s never happened.

Someone watches videos, becomes propagandized, becomes a terrorist. Never happened.

Kundnani gives one example of a woman in London, Choudhury, who is the closet example (he says) that it happened. That’s IT.

The others:
It’s Mental Health problems.
Looking for a Sense of Adventure.
OR Political Injustices.
THAT’S what the data tells you.

He says it’s very hard to be objective about this right now. [1:16;09] And THEN he claims that ” the place where you go for OBJECTIVE knowledge is University. It should be. That’s what  university is meant to do.”

So-called Terrorism Studies Departments, which have been founded by Federal Government after 9-11 with HUGE sums of money for a PARTICULAR agenda (!) There’s a revolving door between these particular departments. The FBI. The CIA. Various aspects of the National Security system. It’s NOT genuinely independent place.

SO, we have to start to create opportunities for a much more NUANCED, more ACCURATE account of what causes terrorism.

Instead of talking about radicalism, we need to be talking about the political cause (as well as) the way religious language is used, ways of expressing propaganda.

 QUESTION #8– A man [1:17;18] He must be a supporter. He begins with ‘Thank you. Thank you for everything.’ This is all about Obama.  He voted for him (twice)  He asks, “What is his role, in your theories about what’s going on…”

Kundnani’s response: Says he likes the question, because you would think that Obama would be pretty good on the issues.

He jumps to Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the ‘so-called’ under-wear bomber  ( TSM: He was held at a Michigan federal prison and tried in a civilian court in Detroit, not a military tribunal , a controversy at the time.)

[1:18;36] Kundnani says, “After that incident, the way the media and the debate plays-out after-the-fact  actually set (??) the Obama administration. He’d just been in office a few weeks.”

The conclusion:  ‘They’ (the Obama administration) decide that this ‘issue’ of terrorism has the potential to destroy any (?….) debate; to undermine (??) [1:18;57]THEY decide this can’t happen again, to have an issue spiral out-of-control and  make it seem to the American people that WE’RE not tough on Terrorism.

Obama does two things(domestically). He gives the FBI Free-Hand. All kinds of Civil Rights and Muslim Community organizations are constantly turning up, saying we have the issues about civil rights not getting any play.

Internationally his strategy is, “We will try to close down Guantanamo”[1:19;38] Kundnani continues, “Which, of course, is the right thing to do.” We’re going to END torture.

In fact, we STILL out-source people who need to be tortured. We don’t do it ourselves any more. We’re going to try to bring those kinds of processes within the judicial system so we can (do it) with some sort of legal veneer.[1:20;04].

Then, still referring to Obama’s policies, he mentions drone-strikes as the (preferred?) kind of killer-act for counter-terrorism. We don’t need to do  something like the Iraq War  again. We don’t need to do interrogations (we’ve done so many now), we can just do extra–judicial killing. SO, he says, the ASSUMPTION was that the drone-strikes were THE solution.

He then mentions that Obama’s War on Terror Strategy is centered around his  weekly Tuesday morning meetings. (Does he attend these/DID he? ) The War on Terror strategy meetings, where the list of potential drone targets keeps growing and growing and with the advise coming from his National Security advisers.

But, Kundnani says, the drone-strikes aren’t really ‘doing it’. It just manufactures more people who were involved in violence. It seemed to be a quick-fix solution. But, it turned out to be worse. [1:21;28] Kundnani  continues,We keep looking for these quick-Fix solutions, which involve inflicting violence on other people””

(A woman mentions Bin Laden) Kundnani he responds: It seems like we are making  progress on the War on Terror. Yet, we have another round of (…..) which resembles what we were getting in 2003.

The evening Bin-Laden was killed- Peter Berg CNN’s Terrorism (guy) [1:22;10] said THIS is the END of the War on Terror (2011) It’s a decade. We’re DONE. (If only, says Kundnani) But, next morning, Hillary Clinton steps up and says the War on Terror continues. Lunch Time, the next day, Berg (back tracks). He is back on  and says, the War on Terror is NOT over.

Kundnani says, the government did not use this opportunity to draw a line and think about these issues in a NEW way. They made a strategic error by saying “more of the same’ and the message from CNN becomes just a sort of ‘mouth-piece’ for the government.

(Finishing his response to the woman) Yes, we ‘got them out’, but it doesn’t feel like actually representing a ‘kind-of’ progress in retrospect now (The woman speaks, saying , “If we had not, we  don’t know what it would be like now) Kundnani feels it would be pretty much the same place.[1:23;45]

 QUESTION #9  A man –  [1:23;53]“Thank you for a very interesting presentation. (his question) Even if your more ‘nuanced’ approach is the better one, once any massive terrorist attack occurs, wouldn’t any administration in power at the time be blamed for letting it happen.”

Kundnani’s response: Yes. (the man interrupts- every administration is afraid ) Yes, but, if you don’t have a serious attack, no one’s going to give you any credit for it. Now, any president, is just thinking about SELF-interest (wow – what a broad statement of ‘fact': any and ALL presidents?) and that, he says, would a a TOUGH approach.

[1:25;30] He feels public opinion  in the Fight Against Terrorism should we trade Civil Liberties for (greater ?) Powers for the Government. Ten years later (after people said ‘yes’) now people are saying, we should Keep our Civil Liberties.

It’s not just about the incident of a Terrorist attack, it’s about how we communicate about that terrorist attack in the aftermath. For example,  the Boston Marathon bombing. It didn’t produce any really significant changes in counter terrorism ( …?)  The reason: We’d been told for decades to expect something like that, if not worse. And when it hap pened, people were outraged, but they weren’t surprised or shocked. It didn’t generate the same kind of dynamic as the Post  9-11.  (man interjects) But very few people were really killed. And you had thousands (Kundnani interrupts him) But, terrorism is about terror, not just about the number of people killed so … look at the beheadings videos, where again, the number of people being killed is not the same as 9-11, but it’s generated a whole lot of fear… in the United States… The man says, “But, people were killed—“ Kundnani takes the next question.

Question #10 – a woman (accented English-Chinese) [1:27;08] This is just my observation. I agree with you.  You do something wrong…  you the minority must  justify…  The strategy…to wipe out the rich people. The so-called rich people. Or the intellectuals. I don’t follow you very well, I feel like there is similarity. When I grew up in China. I didn’t feel brain-washed. I was not active in politics. But, since I came to America, I find, I feel like brainwashing is universal. Not just in China. Right now we have so much brainwash. In America. I feel there is so much misunderstanding.

Your presentation, I think there is some truth, it’s not about… it’s like the Chinese Falun Gong. Americans have convince themselves we’re a religion, we’re not politics. Its totally politics. The Chinese, you have to understand the culture and I know Chinese culture so well, to know that Falun Gong is not a religion, it’s politics. So I really appreciate your point. (healthy applause)

Kundnani’s response [1:29;20] Thank you. All I can say is, an ideology is most affective when you don’t realize it’s an ideology.  So in a society like the Soviet Union, or China, it’s obvious that it’s the State propaganda. We’re not a Totalitarian Society which makes the ideologies we (Americans? The West?) have less obvious. In a way, it makes them all the more pernicious. An interesting comparison. Thank you.

Question #11- a Muslim man [1:29;55]I’m a Muslim and my family has been Muslim since the Time of  the Prophets. (lots that he said was garbled) I’m a Muslim. But, I am Arabic. So, my experience with Western Foreign Policy is quite different from a Muslim who is Palestinian. A Muslim who is Pakistani. He mentions Sharia. [1:30;31] (He is difficult to understand)[1:30;51] He says we have to understand Muslim Community. State Religion. Every major (..?) is in Arabic.  Our Religious beliefs are the same. Our Cultures are quite different. (hard to understand again) To combat Terrorism we have to go back to his culture, hi people who are committing this act. Ask WHY. Being Muslims (..?) (applause)

Kundnani  [1:31;50] Thank you. The way you are talking about culture there, has some problems for me. “It’s not the religion that cause the violence, but it’s the CULTURE.” (the man interjects) It’s your cultural ‘experience’. Perhaps I can be a bit more precise about it. (but he isn’t) If you’re talking about POLITICAL context where you have bombings….for me I’d describe that as a POLITICAL experience, NOT a Cultural Experience. (of course he would)

The reason I make that distinction... in order to defend against prejudice against Islam we create NEW prejudices against particular ethnic groups. We say Arabs because of their Cultural History become terrorists. Kundnani says he is personally uncomfortable with the idea that we would be saying they became terrorists because of their ethnicity (examples: Pakistanis or West Africans)

He ends with an obscure conclusion—When talking about different POLITICAL differences, you’re absolutely right the political experience is hugely different. Different scenarios.

Question #12 – a man– [1:33;38] Thanks for speaking and putting up with us for so long. You’ve been talking about how a person’s political context and their political experience can lead them to make a certain set of decisions. In the context of Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda, as far as my knowledge of their history goes, the kind of justification for the actions he had stemmed originally from the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia. And I guess you can keep going back and forth with the U.S. military reacted this to this thing because another group did this thing… and you can get back to the 60’s and Said Qu’tab and all these people…and you go back and forth…

So, how to you, kind of, make the distinctions that you are making that would stop the discussion from devolving into “He Said this/She Said this” or this came first…I think some of the comments that were happening earlier in this discussion: The FBI does this thing because Muslims or Arabs (whatever) have done this thing, but the counter-argument might go: The Arabs are acting this way because the U.S. government does this thing. And it could just go on and on forever.

Kundnani responds [1:34;49] (had difficulty transcribing some of this response) Right. And that’s the cycle we’re in. That’s my whole point. We’re doing this to you because you did this to us earlier. That’s precisely the cycle we need to break. I would hope that (the society?) in the United States will be much better at breaking that cycle than our enemies. We should be the reasonable ones with a strategy to break that cycle, much more effectively.

There’s always going to be the Bin Ladens who have an ideology that they use to legitimize their violence. (Their God? [1:35;36] Did he say that?) But, what we can do is to intervene to actually make their benevolent support for those people much reduced. (that’s about change…?)

Right now, for me, thinking about the situation with ISIS, we need to radically rethink our whole alliance with Saudi Arabia. Probably Turkey as well. Thinking along those lines is the key to breaking these cycles.

We’ve turned a blind-eye to Saudi Arabia and the official and semi-official funding that it provides for armed groups in the Middle East; for decades. We have assumed that we NEED Saudi Arabia to be our ‘friends’ , to supply cheap oil into our economy and to keep buying our weapons. The REALITY is we DON’T need to do that.

We actually get most of our oil from Canada so we can radically change our whole relationship with Saudi Arabia and as a result see that horribly unDemocratic regime over thrown once we withdraw our support (…??)

[1:36;53] Right now the people who are most affected by the United States are the Kurds. (… ) We’re never going to allow them to do very much because we have to hold on to Turkey as our ally.

We don’t want the Kurds to become more influential in the region. (…) If we’re serious, the United States, we should be doing something very different in terms of our relationship with Turkey. (…) …our political thinking around the whole foreign policy towards the region… in a situation where we have genuine grass-roots movements in the Middle East OR real democratic societies where the people in the region get to shape the direction their societies take…That’s the best way to prevent Terrorism in the end.

[1:38;08] How do we  get there? We stop (…?) regimes in the region. Which no one talks about. Why don’t we do that … We don’t want a genuine democracy in Egypt. If that happened, then the Egyptian people might choose not to be an ally of the United States anymore. These kind of questions (…?) how do we break that cycle and create a more peaceful Middle East.

Question #13- a man (1:38;55) What is your take on the Assad regime. Why it is that we did absolutely nothing to fight ISIS, even though ISIS destroyed four Divisions of Iraqi Troops ( …) Why we did nothing to rid this country (of ISIS)

Kundnani’s Response [1:39;28] Yes, the Syrian Regime. Mass  Human Rights Abuses the last few years, and going back much further to his father, killing whole civilian populations an entire towns. I would be delighted to see that regime over-thrown. He feels the end of that  regime will be part of how we bring about the end of ISIS. [1:40;02]

The reason the regime … [noise on mic for about 40 seconds as I prepare to leave. Obscuring words]  (sorry) The regime, how stupid ?… the perception that ISIS is the ONLY problem in Syria. The regime would be much ‘happier’ believing, convincing the world that he’s involved in a conflict (where he’s faced with this ??… ISIS… rather thinking these groups that are involved with …? Syrian regime. (?….?) [1:40;42]

From TSM: As I finish transcribing the Q and A, there has been ANOTHER ISIS BEHEADING. Sunday, November 16, 2014. “Abdul-Rahman” Kassig aka Peter Kassig. He converted (‘reverted’) to Islam. It didn’t save him. He had fought in Iraq in the U.S. military, and so for the Islamic State he was a “Crusader” and had to die. His grusome murder is part of a 16 minute video sent to the Social Networks. Kassig was murdered as part of a MASS beheading that included about a dozen Syrian soldiers.

Continuing with Kundnani’s comments regarding Syria and ISIS. ” So,that’s why the Assad Regime has been buying oil ISIS …? To the extent that … strategy…2003…don’t wind up with…in some way the hypocrisy of the last two years… Assad regime in the one hand…. on the other hand, the opposition… ? [wish I had gotten this statement…. I had now left the room and had mic noise interference-again)

Question #14 – man- (I was in the hallway) – Began by thanking Kundnani for giving  people this platform; to sit down and listen to you. “I’m a Muslim, a convert to Islam (8 years back) I’m  from India.  My parents are still Hindu..

END audio [1:42;19;00]

The Q and A was still going on after an hour. I quickly took a couple of cell-phone pics as I left the room. This is the best angle I could get of the clean-cut, ‘NYPL Dr.Kundnani’ vs the academic radical I found on-line.

IMG_2232Later, I found pictures of a completely different ‘look’ from Dr. Kundnani photo-3-iSeems this is his ‘rebel’ Kundnani, speaking to the Muslim student orgs.
1782047_10101879512199372_50976261_nSince beheadings are IN THE NEWS. I wold love to see Dr. Kundnani  encourage a dialogue that would focus on this question, 

“Is it ‘Islamophobic’ to oppose ‘beheadings?”


Our foreign policy should be guided by understanding and admitting the following realities:

  1. We are engaged in a war of ideas, with our principal enemy: an ideology.

An ideology that will not collapse out of economic incompetence.

  1. The ideology of the terrorists is religiously based and derived from Islam and its founding texts, the Koran, hadith, and the sunna, and the history of the early caliphate.
  2. One, but not the only way we know this, is because they tell us so.

End the Silence (before it’s too late)